A UFO chases a jet and overtakes it in broad daylight (video was sent to MUFON)

An impressive video was sent to MUFON, showing a UFO chasing a plane at high speed at full hours of the day.(UFO chases a jet and overtakes)

The film material shows first an orb of white and bright light following a jet after the wake or jet thrown. Then, incredibly, the orb on passes to the jet, but at no time is it possible to see the orb launch a wake of steam.

The video was sent to MUFON last year; however, it is again being discussed and analyzed, because it is a very surprising material.

In addition to the interesting video, we have the complete testimony of the witnesses, which was presented by a member of the army. What is interesting is that the video that is being promoted at this moment is slightly different from the one that was published in MUFON, but the one published in MUFON seems to be the final video captured by the witness.

Video data:

Date of event: April 21, 2016 at 7:17 pm
Event location: Lincoln, New Hampshire
What happened: UFO is chased by a jet
Case MUFON: Number 81792 ( see case )

UFO chases a jet and overtakes

Credit: MUFON


I was reading on my balcony, around 7 o’clock. They told me that there were military pilots training in the mountains where I live and I have always liked to see them flying. This happens all the time, the jets and the helicopters are a common sighting.(UFO chases a jet and overtakes)

So, naturally, I saw the jet and did a double film, because there was something that followed it.
Immediately I thought I was witnessing a strange aircraft, possibly military, but it was not a jet.

I knew it was not a jet because It was really behind one of them. The jet that was being chased left a long trail behind, but the UFO did not. The UFO was reaching the jet. No helicopter could do that. I was impressed and, fortunately, I picked up my phone in time to make a video. I managed to record the object reaching the jet for about 10 seconds, when I lost it among the trees.

I was very excited and anxious. I felt that I saw something very difficult to discard like a balloon or some type of aircraft.(UFO chases a jet and overtakes)

Shortly after the jet and the object came out of my range of vision, I saw three more jets and 1 helicopter going in the same direction (in my opinion chasing the UFO). I also got another video of those other aircraft.

I would like to show the video to an aviation expert, and maybe get an explanation. I am sending to MUFON, waiting for answers. ”

Credit: MUFON

Conclusion of MUFON

A MUFON expert, after analyzing the video, offered the following conclusion:

Based on the video analysis, I think this is a military aircraft. The analysis of Ken Biddle concluded that there seemed to be two planes flying in the same direction at different speeds and altitudes. The lack of wake in the second boat could be due to the difference in altitudes, being lower. Because there was no definitive identification that the UFO is an airplane, I leave it unidentified. However, due to the nature of the military exercises that are common in the area, I think it is very likely that it is a military aircraft. “(UFO chases a jet and overtakes)

The video itself is more than impressive. As the researcher recognizes, it is impossible to identify what type of aircraft it is, perhaps a prototype or unknown ship. This is just one of the many unexplained cases that show ships with different shape and performance to our aircraft. Is it some hidden technology of the government? Do we have before us the product of the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial spaceships?

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  1. They are observing us like fish in an aquarium. They are also playing with us and showing their superiority. Thankfully they have not become hostile YET.

  2. Do you think the general public are ready for full disclosure our will the Aliens take that decision for them they still think we can not take the truth .

  3. Do you think the general public are ready for full disclosure our will the Aliens take that decision for

  4. there is going to be a fake, “alien invasion” , that will quickly follow the fake pandemic. FEAR, Fear, fear and then trust your government to save you. Aliens have been around us forever, they have never shown hostility. Reverse engineering has produced a few different kinds of ” space ships” by Humans, right here on earth. (research: TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts and or Operation Highjump by Admiral Byrd.) These Human Built anti-gravity ships will be used and the people will fall for it.

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