Former CIA agent Derrel Sims: “The aliens are cloned and manufactured by the government”

Derrel Sims, a former CIA agent known as “Alien Hunter”, claims to be the world’s greatest expert in extraterrestrial abduction and He claims that the aliens are cloned and manufactured by none other than our government.

aliens are cloned

He has investigated alleged extraterrestrial events for almost four decades. And, according to his website, at that time his research “has always focused on physical evidence.

He “hunts” aliens and collects evidence, data, and witness testimonies to expose the true intentions behind these sinister beings with their human experiments.

Derrel explains how these aliens are “made, plotted, cloned and manufactured” by some rebel elements within our governments.

He claims that aliens don’t have a planet, their “DNA comes from here.” Explain how all aliens are genetically modified.

Although the statements made by Derrel Sims are very controversial, there is some truth in his explanations, which correspond to the statements made by the late Phill Schneider.

aliens are cloned

Phill Schneider once said that not only “gray” humanoid aliens work side by side with American technicians at the secret underground base in Dulce in New Mexico, but also humans and aliens work together in horrible biogenetic experiments.

According to him, they would have programs of human-alien hybrid reproduction, cloning, aura studies, advanced mind control applications, implantation of visual and audio human chips, etc.

According to Schneider, the Secret Government cloned humans through an improved process in the world’s largest and most advanced biogenetic research facility also in Los Alamos.

In addition to his skills as a researcher, Sims is also a therapist and a certified hypnotherapist teacher, who is reportedly helped hundreds of people who say they have found aliens.

He claims that alien abductions are quite common, saying that “one in four people is kidnapped by aliens and the victims come from all walks of life.”

But Sims has not come out to convince anyone. He is focused on his mission, and as he says in an interview, “I still have a lot of work to do. I am a researcher, in search of evidence. ”

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