Meat Grown in space for the first time ever at the ISS

An experiment conducted onboard the International Space Station has been able to produce meat grown outside the Earth for the first time, without the presence of any animals. Here is everything you need to know about the Meat Grown in space.

Meat Grown in space

The research carried out in the weightless environment of the orbital complex consisted of 3D bioprinting of beef, according to the technology developed by the Israeli firm Aleph Farms, in collaboration with the Russian 3D company Bioprinting Solutions and two US food companies.

This procedure allowed to grow a whole piece of real and edible meat from only a couple of cells, in this case, bovine cell spheroids, thus mimicking the natural process of regeneration of a cow’s muscle tissue.

“In a joint experiment aboard the Space Station, we successfully produced cultured meat regardless of the availability of local land and water resources. 

This is a milestone towards the promise of sustainable food anywhere! ”, Declared the Israeli company on its Twitter account.

“This is strictly a proof of concept,” added Grigoriy Shalunov, manager of 3D Bioprinting Solutions to Business Insider.

 “In the future, the company hopes to provide a source of protein for space missions and the first colonies on the Moon and Mars.”

Also on earth

The ability to print meat in microgravity is not just good news for astronauts. 

It also implies that companies could print them in extreme environments on the surface of our planet – particularly in places where water and land is scarce.

Normally, it takes about 5,200 gallons of water to produce a simple kilogram of steak (which they typically sell at the butcher shop).

 But growing meat uses 10 times less water and land than traditional livestock farming. It is also faster to produce – Aleph Farms calls its product “minute steak,” because it takes only a couple of minutes to cook.

Meat Grown in space
The meat is being cooked in a pan.

The need to produce more food as natural resources are conserved is more necessary today than ever. 

According to a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, our food industry – including the land and resources required to raise livestock – generates 37% of greenhouse gas emissions.

“It is time for Americans and Russians, for Arabs and Israelis, to put our differences aside and work together, with science as a catalyst, to address the climate crisis and food needs. We all share the same planet, ” Aleph Farms concluded.

Source: ScienceAlert

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