The Map of the World after the “Apocalypse” that the hidden Elites already know

Lately, we do not know why, many media considered “serious”, insist again and again on the idea that large numbers of billionaires prepare for a possible apocalypse. 


The point is that a recent article in Forbes magazine has come to post post-apocalyptic maps on how the world would look according to the visions of a psychic. Curious for a post like Forbes.

The multimillion-dollar elite, especially the American, are investing more and more money in buying land on remote islands or building bunkers or luxury havens to withstand major cataclysms.

The idea was recently addressed by The New Yorker in an article that shows how wealthy people in Silicon Valley are preparing for an eventual end to civilization.


And what is more alarming, is that this concern is not only that of a small minority. Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn, estimates that more than half of US wealthy elites. Are preparing to ensure their survival in the event of a worldwide catastrophe.

The nature of this feared apocalypse is never clear, but the most feared options are the possibility of a nuclear war, the consequences of a possible climate change, or the possibility of a collision of an asteroid or a Kite against the Earth.

Writer Jim Dobson has published a report in Forbes magazine in which he draws up a map of the post-apocalyptic world according to which New Zealand is the safest place in the world. The country would be the only one in the world that would grow clearly in size, making it one of the safest areas on Earth.

At the international level, tycoons in Australia and New Zealand have been gaining agricultural land at record rates. Interest in livestock, and agricultural farms are tempting for self-sustaining survival.

But the most important thing is that the rich are acquiring safe havens, storing real estate in dry areas and moving away from the old-school focus of just storing food and water.

Money and precious metals will be useless, as the self-sustaining territory will become the new luxury needed. Many have installed heliports on their properties for easy access and many are buying silos and bunkers around the world.

But most disturbingly, his predictions about the safest places after an apocalypse coincide with the favorite destination of US billionaires: New Zealand.


In fact, only in 2016, more than 3,500 square kilometers of land in the country passed into the hands of foreign nationals. In the rest of the world, according to Dobson’s map, the scenario is not so hopeful.

Obviously, all this is not based on any scientific prediction, but only on the alleged visions of two people who presented themselves to the world as spiritual visionaries and seers.

We insist on the question we have asked ourselves other times. Why do they insist so much on this subject? Why are so many people thinking about it and even wanting it morbidly? What are these millionaires really preparing for? Do you know anything?

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  1. That doesn’t sound good for New Zealand if all of the people who caused so much misery on the earth by their relentless greed end up living there. Where will the New Zealanders go to get away from them?

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