True Incidents Of Interdimensional Travel Reported By People

Here are the most terrifying stories of interdimensional travel brought to you by the infinity explorers team.

The idea of parallel universes has boggled the minds of scientists, philosophers, bloggers, and average people alike. maybe we’re simply a sliver of time far from an alternate existence, or maybe regular individuals we pass on the road are beings from another universe that have already perfected the art of dimensional travel. physics aside, our sole data regarding these alternate realities comes from the tales of individuals who claim they found dimensional slips and traveled to unfathomable worlds.

The Green-Skinned Siblings

Back within the twelfth century, 2 kids, a brother, and a sister, allegedly popped up within the village of Woolpit, in Suffolk, England. each had greenish-colored skin, spoke an unknown language, wore off-the-wall clothing, and at the start refused to eat any food apart from raw beans.
They were taken in, cared for, and eventually, they adapted, developing a style for food and losing the color hue of their skin.
Shortly when the boy became sick and died, but after learning to talk English, the girl explained that she and her brother were from an area wherever the sun didn’t shine bright, and it absolutely was constantly twilight.
She and her brother were there, herding their dad’s cows, once they detected some noise, and were suddenly in a very new place wherever they were eventually discovered, in Woolpit.
The woman grew up and integrated herself into her new surroundings.
although it remained unknown how she and her brother got there, the woman went on to get married and live her life here, in a very dimension that may not truly be her place of origin.

Stories of interdimensional travel

The Mysterious guy from the unknown country Taured

On a normal day in 1954, a man landed in japan with a passport from an unknown country named Taured. Allegedly, this man told customs he was in Japan for business and had legitimate visa stamps, currency from multiple European countries, checks from AN unknown bank, and a driver’s license issued in Taured.

He was sent to a hotel where things were sorted out, whereas 2 immigration officers stood outside of his room door. however once they visited to check on him in the morning, he’d disappeared from the room. This was from fifteen stories up, above a busy street, thus escaping through a window was unlikely, if not impossible. The Tokyo Metropolitan police department searched, but never located the person from Taured.

Stories of interdimensional travel

The Strange Man Jophar Vorin Who Appeared In Germany.

So this story goes, a peculiar guy popped up in a very remote village, where he was picked up and questioned by authorities. the sole comprehensible language he spoke was a broken variation of German, however, he mentioned his name was Jophar Vorin and claimed to come back from an area of the planet referred to as Sakria.
He conveyed that he was looking for his long-lost brother, whom he’d been separated from during a shipwreck. whereas he had geographical info relating to his home planets, such as 5 compartments referred to as Sakria, Aflar, Ashlar, Auslar, and Euplar, he couldn’t trace his route on shore, and he finally end up living in Berlin, wherever he was a topic of debate amongst the scientific, and simply curious, communities.

Stories of interdimensional travel

Beatles never broke up Dimension

In 2009, a person named James Richards was in Livermore California driving home from Turlock together with his dog. He claims that once he pulled over to let the pup empty her bladder, she sprinted after a rabbit, and he followed after her, however, tripped, and sound himself unconscious. when James came to his senses, he was next to an odd machine, in the company of a man named Jonas who claimed to found his unconscious body while on a work trip for an interdimensional agency.
While they were along, Jonas and Richards started chatting about the music in their several universes and discovered that not only did the Beatles conjointly exist in this dimension, but, they were all still alive and actively creating music. Richards acquired a tape labeled “Everyday Chemistry,” that contained Beatles songs that never existed in our dimension. He even uploaded the songs to a website and called it

Stories of interdimensional travel

Creepy Shadows

This incident describes a woman’s meeting with the mysterious entities as a bit lady while living in Dorchester, Massachusetts during the mid-1990s. during her 1st night sleeping in a very new space, she claims to have seen a tall and unnatural shadow on the wall.
To her surprise, the shadow stepped off the wall and glided around the area, carrying what seemed to be glasses. She saw 3 more of those shadow folks close to her closet.
She eventually realized an oversized shadow was slowly enveloping the complete room, leaving her in pitch darkness before she leaped from her bed to take comfort in her grandparents’ room.
She believes that what she encountered that night were dimensional travelers, who presumably saw her as a shadow person.

Stories of interdimensional travel

What do you think about these instances that may be the result of inter-dimensional travel? Let us know in the comment section.

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