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Does The Bible Mention Incidents Alien Abductions?

One of the greatest mysteries in history, the one that religion has tried to hide is the fact that numerous important biblical characters were abducted by beings that do not belong to Earth that is the otherworldly visitors.
Many historians tried making sense of the rapture of Enoch, Elijah, Ezekiel, and other characters from the Bible, all of which tell quite interesting stories.
Chariots of fire, strange whirlwinds, and mysterious lights coming from the sky were responsible for carrying them and no one ever saw them again.
Are these really accounts of alien abductions narrated in the bible? Where did these unidentified flying objects really come from?
These incidents seem like something coming straight out of any science fiction movie but these are mentioned in the Bible and the church cannot explain them.

Ancient Alien abductions in biblical accounts

Ancient Alien Abductions Narrated In The Bible
Many biblical accounts could refer to UFOs.

Elijah is involved in a “whirlwind” that took him away from the gaze of 50 prophets, including Elisha himself.
The same prophet who used Elijah’s torn cloak, which had fallen from heaven, to open the Jordan River. Biblical experts attribute this to a kind of “mystical trance” that Elijah entered, “imagining” the rapture.
However, later accounts in the Bible suggest that Elijah was no longer seen.

Another is the mysterious case of Enoch.
According to Genesis, he did not die, but was caught up and taken to heaven inside a “chariot of fire.” Not much else is mentioned in the Bible, but the Book of Enoch reveals events that are most mysterious in religious accounts.
In the book, it is revealed how Enoch came into contact with ” celestial beings ” of great height, bright faces like the sun. 
These beings assured him that he would be with them in heaven.
During the journey, he found himself within a glass-like palace where he was allowed to see the hidden. The Ascension of Isaiah is another event that recounts how a prophet was taken to heaven through another trance and together with several angels who dressed him like them, inviting him to board one of their chariots.

Were they Kidnapped by Ancient Aliens?

Tall and bright celestial beings were described during the abductions

Another rapture that is narrated in the Bible, this time in the New Testament, is found in ‘The Acts of the Apostles’.
We can see verse 26 of chapter VIII as Philip, one of the Fathers of the Church, is guided by the ” angel of the Lord ” through the road that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.
On his way, Philip was snatched in the presence of an Ethiopian eunuch whom he was about to baptize.
The strangest thing about the whole thing is that these mysterious flying objects, which resemble those described in accounts of UFO abductions in today’s world, were already known to Jesus.
In the Story of Joseph, in chapter XVIII, it can be read that Jesus himself comments:

And what prevents me now that I pray so that my Father sends a great luminous chariot that lifts Joseph up and takes him to the place of rest, so that he may live there with my incorporeal angels?

In the Gospel of Saint Matthew, one can also read the following of Jesus:

” His face shone like the Sun and his clothes became white as light .” 

This episode of Transfiguration was accompanied by two beings that appeared instantly and a resplendent cloud that covered them.
It should be noted that these luminous beings were identified by Elijah and Moses: one took forever and another whose body was never found.

The UFOs described by Ezekiel

Ezekiel described UFOs as those sighted today.

“I saw a hurricane wind coming, a dense cloud around which blazed a whirlwind of fire, shining in the middle like burning bronze.”

This quote from the book of Ezekiel is possibly the strongest proof that these objects were artificial. 
Possible flying ships.
The prophet was the only one in biblical history who, after being raptured, returned to Earth. 
Their stories could be the key to unraveling this mystery. 
In addition to gleaming bronze objects, he also mentioned about the living creatures who inhabited palaces of glass on wheels, where they gazed at the sky.

As we can see, the Bible is full of enigmatic stories of alien abductions which lead us to think that, perhaps, UFO experiences and extraterrestrial abductions are not typical of our time and come from much earlier than we think.

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