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1987 Grasshopper Alien Encounter in Canadian Yukon Forest – Detailed Account

This story happened in 1987, but the victim dared to tell ufologists about it only 13 years later.

On July 8, 2000, a conference on UFOs was held in the city of St. Paul, Alberta, Canada, and the victim came there, approached ufologist Martin Jasek and told them about what happened to him.

In the following months, Jasek painstakingly investigated this case and became increasingly convinced that everything told him was true and that something terrible had happened to this man.

According to Jasek, the victim (from now on referred to as Kevin, but this is a pseudonym) seemed to him a sincere person, not at all like the type of people who crave attention.

The Strange Encounter With Grasshopper Aliens

On the morning of September 2, 1987, Kevin packed his bags to go moose hunting in the Yukon forest for three days. More precisely, in the area between Sheldon and McPass lakes. He rode his motorcycle to the right place and stopped in a small hunting trailer that had been there for many years.

Kevin agreed with his friends that a little later they would drive up to him to go fishing on the lake. However, the weather immediately began to deteriorate, it began to rain and it became very cold. So upon arrival at the trailer, Kevin no longer thought about hunting or fishing, but quickly lit a fire to warm up and eat.

By nightfall the rain did not stop and Kevin had no choice but to just go to bed. The next morning the rain stopped and it became a little warmer, so Kevin gathered his weapons and supplies, got on his motorcycle and rode along the old forest road to the hunting area.

1987 Grasshopper Alien Encounter in Canadian Yukon Forest - Detailed Account
The same road. Photo taken in 2000

Everything was fine, but on the way Kevin suddenly felt a strange, uneasy feeling. He could not explain where it was coming from, since he had hunted in these places for many years, knew all the surroundings here and understood that there had never been anything here that would directly threaten his life.

At some point, he stopped on the side of the road to relieve himself, and then he noticed an incomprehensible dark object in the sky. It flew about 30 meters from the ground, barely missing the treetops, and it did not have visible wings or blades, like an airplane or helicopter.

And what amazed Kevin most was that the object did not make any sounds, moving completely silently. 

1987 Grasshopper Alien Encounter in Canadian Yukon Forest - Detailed Account
UFO. Kevin’s drawing

Grasshopper people

Kevin remembered the portable camera he carried with him to take pictures of hunting trophies. The camera was in the pocket of the jacket that was on the motorcycle. 

But for unknown reasons, Kevin immediately forgot that he wanted to follow him and photograph this UFO. Now he just stood there and stared at the flying object.

When the UFO flew very close, Kevin could see that there was a row of round windows along the side of the device. The object itself was oval-disc-shaped, green in color, with a gray stripe along the side separating the top and bottom of the object.

For just a second, the UFO disappeared right before Kevin’s eyes, and then appeared a little closer to him. And only then did Kevin realize that the object could pose a danger to him. He crouched low in the tall grass and watched as the UFO continued to fly further, and then disappeared behind the nearest hill.

When the UFO flew away, Kevin went to his motorcycle and then heard some kind of “metallic knock” behind him. Turning around, he found himself face to face with two gray creatures whose heads had strangely pointed features and resembled the heads of insects.

Each creature was dressed in a tight blue jumpsuit and their arms and legs were surprisingly thin for a much more massive body. Kevin thought they looked a lot like a cross between humans and grasshoppers. 

1987 Grasshopper Alien Encounter in Canadian Yukon Forest - Detailed Account
Grasshopper people. Kevin’s drawing

Grasshopper Alien Encounter and Missing Time In Yukon Forest

Before Kevin could accept the reality of what he had seen, one of the creatures touched his hand to his belt, where an object similar to a flashlight hung. Immediately a bright beam of light hit Kevin and seemed to “tear him out of reality.” 

“There was absolute silence and it was as if nothing else existed except me,” Kevin said.

He remembers that his body was paralyzed and he tried to scream, but could not, and everything around him was completely black. And then it felt like he was flying upward.

Then everything suddenly returned to normal and he saw. that stands on the side of the same forest road, only on the other side, and not where his motorcycle stood. The two grasshopper people were nowhere to be seen. 

Kevin immediately noticed that the shadows of the trees became longer, that is, as if his “break out of reality” lasted not a couple of seconds, as it seemed to him, but several hours. He felt that something terrible had just happened to him, but he didn’t remember anything special. Stumbling, he wandered to his motorcycle and then saw that the keys were not in the ignition. And he left them there, as he remembered.

After a few seconds, he realized that he was tightly gripping these keys in his hand. He got on the motorcycle, started it and rode back to the trailer, wanting to quickly get away from this terrible place.

He arrived in the evening, managed to make coffee, and then fell, losing consciousness. He lay there for most of the night, and when he woke up, he heard a “soft hum” coming from above, which “vibrated” the entire trailer.

The same van

Bringing back memories

The buzzing continued for about ten minutes and then disappeared. All this time, Kevin thought that those two grasshopper people were outside the trailer and wanted to do something bad to him again. But he was afraid to even look out the window.

When morning came, Kevin began to little by little remember what had happened to him the day before. He remembered flying up and looking down at the distant trees. Then blackness came again, and then it “moved away” and he saw the large face of a humanoid. The “blackness” was simply his big black eye.

Then a strange voice spoke in his head, telling him that he had nothing to worry about. After which Kevin saw that he was in a room full of typical Gray aliens, who in appearance were significantly different from the grasshopper people.

Kevin sat down on the couch and asked if they were going to conduct all sorts of experiments on him. To which the voice in his head said, “they are already over.”

The Gray Alien then asked Kevin if he wanted to see Earth from space, but Kevin did not have time to answer as he was distracted by severe discomfort in his arms. He began to rub them, trying to relieve the incomprehensible itching and burning, and meanwhile, Gray led him to a large window and showed him a small dot in the blackness.

“This bright white star is your home,” Gray told him.

Kevin realized he was not just in space inside an alien ship, but somewhere very deep in space. 

1987 Grasshopper Alien Encounter in Canadian Yukon Forest - Detailed Account
Inside the ship. Kevin’s drawing

Star map and liquid of oblivion

He remembered the following moments very vaguely. The gray creature told him something about the universe and star systems, but he only remembered how he was shown other white dots in the diagram, which, was a star map.  

According to ufologist Jasek, Kevin was shown inhabited systems. Either those from where these creatures came or those systems where intelligent life exists.

Then the creatures invited Kevin to “go with them,” but he refused. And after that, they brought him a glass of yellow liquid and asked him to drink it to forget everything that happened to him. “For your own good.”

Kevin didn’t want to forget, so he just took three small sips and quickly put the glass down. The creatures apparently thought he’d had enough to drink, but his ploy had partially worked judging by Kevin’s memory of part of the incident.

Then he didn’t remember anything and woke up already on the side of the forest road. On the third day, his friends finally came to see him, but he did not tell them anything about the UFO and his abduction. He didn’t think they would believe him.

Only in 1997 did Kevin dare to tell his friend Doug about what happened to him. He briefly described the incident when he sent Doug the letter. During the investigation, Jasek found this Doug and found this letter, where all the details matched what Kevin told Jasek.

Photo of Kevin’s palms taken in 2000

Jasek also studied the physical consequences of what happened to Kevin. After that incident in the forest, Kevin was left with unusual indentations on his palms.

“Over the next two years, I asked two doctors and four nurses if they knew what it was, and they all said no, and that they had never seen anything like it before. In September 2000, I asked my doctor about it , and he said that yes, he knows about it, and even told me its name (though I didn’t remember it). But they had no idea what caused it… They (the marks) are still on my hands.” , Kevin said.

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