The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes : The Most Anomalous Place on Earth:

“In certain places of earth there are specific places in which there are mysterious and inexplicable disappearances of people, ships and even airplanes. Among these sites, the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. But there is also another, with greater incidence sinister and inexplicable occurrences. it’s name? Triangle of the Great Lakes .(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes)

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes

Lake Michigan is the only one of the five Great Lakes freshwater, totally within the borders of the United States; the other four are shared with Canada. Lake Michigan is limited, clockwise from southern Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan, whose name derives from the lake.

With an area of ​​57,750 square kilometers, it is the largest freshwater lake in the US, and the fifth in the world. Its deepest point is 281 m. It contains a volume of approximately 918 cubic kilometers of water. Its surface is 580 feet above sea level, the same as Lake Huron, which is connected through the Straits of Mackinac. Geologically Huron and Michigan form a single body of water.(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes)

But Lake Michigan is not just a great lake with its natural reflections. It is also a place of mystery that has intrigued scholars and authorities for a long time. In this immense lake there have been numerous disappearances of people, ships and even airplanes, in addition to numerous UFO sightings that have been reported in recent years.(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes)

The mysterious incidents that occur in Lake Michigan, indicate that the effects occur in a certain area, which was enclosed in the shape of a triangle, being called by the time the Michigan Triangle , due to its similarity with the famous “Triangle of Bermuda “, responsible for numerous and inexplicable disappearances of ships, planes and even the entire crew, with the first reports, dated in the fifteenth century.

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes

Not only did the numerous boats disappear in the Great Lakes triangle area, but about 40 aircraft have completely disappeared in recent years. It is likely that the most famous case was the mysterious disappearance of Flight 2501 of the Northwest Airlines Company, which took off from New York and headed to Minneapolis in June 1950, and flying over Lake Michigan, mysteriously crashed, killing all the crew and passengers, and their remains were never found, even being thoroughly searched by teams of specialists who use advanced equipment such as sonar.(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes)

What surprised the authorities investigating this incident, is that the aircraft of flight 2501 was a “DC-4”, a turboprop with four high-powered engines, which had the ability to cope with major upheavals and adverse situations, and You can lose two of your engines and it still stays in the air.

What would have caused this strange fall of Flight 2501 and especially where it went to stop its fuselage, which was never found?

Other strange events that occur in the Michigan Triangle involve intense UFO sighting. The cases of the presence of UFOs in the region is so great that the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States created a special service to catalog reported sightings.(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes)

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes

Many of these mysterious objects are seen coming out of the water, so we can call them (unidentified submerged objects) “OSNIs”. Scholars agree that these anomalies and disappearances may have some relation to this phenomenon.

Among the strangest of the mysteries was the disappearance of the schooner, which disappeared without a trace in a storm on Lake Michigan on May 21, 1891, while sailing from Chicago to Muskegon, Michigan, in order to collect a load of wood. Seven sailors, including Captain George C. Albrecht, were lost with the ship. There was even a great search throughout the region, and no piece of wood or wreckage was found.

Old and experienced sailors said that the schooner, which was a wooden ship, could not have sunk without leaving some debris floating in a large area. Even today, the disappearance of the ship remains unresolved.

Other strange things that happen in relation to the Michigan Triangle , are the generation of strange images of aircraft “ghosts” on the radars of O’Hare International Airport, which also monitors traffic in this region. The images of these mysterious “ghosts” of the planes appear on the radar, confusing the flight controllers, causing confusion in the registry.

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes

It is observed that these images appear and disappear mysteriously without explanation, not being caused by defects in the equipment, since they have been reviewed and are in order. Some theories suggest that aircraft may be ‘ghosts’ of old planes that have been lost in time, or even UFOs.

Several books and reports have been made about the mysterious events in Lake Michigan, and due to the size of the area involved in the apparition, it causes the “Michigan Triangle” to have more cases of disappearances than the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ itself. although it has provoked a much greater number of these cases it has an area 16 times greater than the area of the Michigan Triangle , making this area one of the most dangerous and mysterious existing on the planet.

According to researchers and scientists, there is a possibility that a strange physical phenomenon described by “Albert Einstein”, called “wormhole” or “Einstein-Rosen bridge,” would appear on our planet, which would be interdimensional portals that would connect our world to another point existing in a distant galaxy, thousands of “light years” from the starting point, and could be used by aliens to come and go to our planet instantaneously.

The theory of the existence of “wormholes” in the universe is plausible and has mathematical foundations that have been developed by physicists and scientists. According to the theory, these phenomena that exist in the universe can arise randomly in certain points of the planet, and perhaps it is one of the reasons for the mysterious disappearances that occurred in our world without leaving any trace.

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