Mysterious closure of seven observatories around the world: A fleet of UFOs on the Sun reveals an astronomer

The reason for the sudden closure two weeks ago of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, was officially revealed and was not due to the presence of aliens or an impending solar storm. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. As reported in Mundo Esoterica and Paranormal, on September 6 the FBI entered Sunspot, New Mexico, with a Black Hawk helicopter, and ordered everyone to leave the solar observatory. In addition, a nearby post office and a dozen homes were also evacuated.(UFOs on the Sun)

And then there was nothing but silence. The FBI did not confirm or deny such a mysterious operation. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), responsible for managing the installation, also gave no further information, only explaining that it was a “security problem”. For his part, the sheriff of Otero County said that they had not been informed of what happened. But this Monday the center has reopened its doors and facilities AURA has revealed the reasons for the evacuation. A spokesman said in a statement that the closure was due to “criminal activity” near the observatory.(UFOs on the Sun)

“We were concerned that a suspect in a federal investigation could pose a threat to the safety of staff and local residents,” the statement said. “For this reason, AURA temporarily abandoned the facilities and ceased scientific activities in this place.”

Of course, that explanation leaves more questions than answers. And, of course, this version has not convinced everyone. Above all, because six other observatories have been closed during the time that the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot has been inactive. These include one in Australia, Chile, Spain, Pennsylvania and two in Hawaii. But now an amateur astronomer believes she has found the explanation for the mysterious closures: A huge disk-shaped UFO near the Sun.(UFOs on the Sun)

The real reason for the mysterious closure

An astronomer who was taking pictures of the Sun claims to have seen a huge UFO followed by a fleet of smaller ships passing behind our nearest star, which could be the real reason why several observatories have been closed around the world, so the FBI could keep the discovery secret.

The image was taken by Maria Hill of Salem, in Washington County, in the US state of Indiana, on September 11 and appears to show ships of extraterrestrial origin near the Sun.

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“This is what appeared on my camera after taking a photo of the Sun this morning,” he wrote on his Facebook page next to the images. “I used an iPhone 8 with a lens adapter. There is a circular object similar to a green door in the center of the hole in the vortex/worm and a kind of snake in the upper right above it, as if it were a circular disk. I’m sure this has a symbolic meaning with the snake and the disk. “

The amateur astronomer points out that there are two large circular object objects that seem to be linked for some reason. There are also some other round objects and an object that looks like a mushroom next to the spaceship.

And after its publication, conspiracy theorists and ufologists said that if the mysterious objects in the images are not a fault in the lens of the camera or some other element reflected in the image, then clearly they would be extraterrestrial ships and the reason of the sudden closure of solar observatories. The truth is that all this incident is full of incongruities and strange coincidences.(UFOs on the Sun)

UFO fleet sun - An astronomer reveals the reason for the mysterious closure of seven observatories around the world: A fleet of UFOs in the Sun UFOs on the Sun

But for some, it is much easier to believe the official version and thus not to think about what has really happened. It is true that we do not know if the images taken by Hill are related to the closures of the various observatories, but what we do know is that when the river sounds, water carries.

What is your opinion about the mysterious closing of observatories? Do these images show that the cause is a fleet of UFOs on the Sun? (UFOs on the Sun)

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  1. It wasn’t an astronomer. It was some ditz with an add on cheap lens kit for her iPhone. This is OBVIOUSLY the lens of the iPhone reflecting onto the back of the accessory lens. Dozens of people told her, she ignored or blocked them all making her a hoaxer.

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