Devon Island Conspiracy

Is Mars Rover Footage Faked On Devon Island?

Almost everyone is aware of Elon Musk‘s desire to fly to Mars, along with humans, and establish a permanent colony where he could be the supreme monarch. It is believed by many that Musk can actually achieve this irrespective of his age, lack of technology, the absence of Twitter, etc. However, there are many others who believe that it is not at all possible and not for technological reasons. In fact, these ‘Mars truthers’ appear whenever the public becomes enthused over photographs and videos NASA claims to have obtained from one of the Mars rovers. Is Mars rover footage faked on Devon Island, Canada?

Is Mars Rover Footage Faked On Devon Island?
Mars 2020 Perseverance Rovers

Is Mars Footage Faked On Devon Island?

This week on Twitter (could this be a subtle jab at erstwhile buyer-turned-lawsuit-filer Musk? ), people propagated the rumor that the Mars photographs are from Devon Island in Canada and part of an a) New World Order conspiracy; b) Hollywood plan; c) Reptilian takeover; d) all of the above. As with the majority of conspiracy theories, does this include a sliver of truth? Why has it emerged now? And what about the Bulgarian Mars landscape?

“Uhm people Mars is Canada Devon island @NASA is hollywood its a big scam they already kolonised planets @elonmusk is an ALIEN LIKE @Grimezsz the #ANNUNAKI #reptilians took over our planet and tryna role out a New world order they enslaved us to digg up the gold they cloned us”

Response on a Tweet made by Elon

This recent tweet was a response to a tweet made by Elon Musk stating that “Mars may be a planet in need of repair, but it has immense potential!” However, there was one more post on Facebook asserting that “Mars looks exactly like Arizona, Nevada or parts of the Australian outback desert”. It further stated that NASA is just fabricating stories, and the pictures that are released believing to be Mars are nothing but pictures of Earth.

“NASA has already admitted to carrying out simulations at Devon Island.”

“The Perseverance Rover captured a stunning Rainbow on Mars…. Devon Island rainbows are eerily similar to the rainbow captured on Mars. NASA is selling you science fiction AND “Mars” is located in Canada.”

NASA is allegedly perpetrating a hoax on Devon Island, as evidenced by the constant stream of tweets about it. NASA, in contrast to Mr. Musk, has been planning visits to Mars for decades and running simulations for nearly as long in order to enable rovers to operate and navigate on the planet. It further aims the same for humans.

NASA maintains sites devoted to the Haughton Mars Project (HMP), which is being conducted in partnership with SETI and the Mars Institute near the Haughton impact crater on Canada’s northern Devon Island. The site derives its name from the Haughton impact crater, which gives it a connection to outer space from 32 million years ago, material from the 2 km (1.2 km) in diameter space rock which was discovered at a depth of 1,700 m (5,500 ft). However, the surface mimics Mars in terms of its arid terrain and subzero temperatures.

“NASA Lies: The “Mars Rover” Is Not On Mars, Is The Island Of Devon, Canada.”

The recent profusion of photographs and videos from the roving Perseverance and its small chopper sidekick Ingenuity have stirred Devon Island conspiracy theorists into a fresh whirlwind of denials and other interpretations despite the proof. Similar to the ‘false moon landing’ myth, the ‘Devon Island hoax’ has occurred previously.

Two months ago, a video circulated on social media purported to be “evidence” of the hoax by “revealing” matches between photographs of alleged areas NASA claims are on Mars and photos of Devon Island that match them. One of these assertions is debunked by the website Lead Stories, which notes that it originated from a parody YouTube video. In 2018, the hoax resurfaced, with some theorists accusing NASA of photoshopping a red tint into the Devon Island images to deceive the world into believing that the Red Planet is actually red and not brown.

“This is kind of mind boggling considering I actually believed they sent a rover. If they are just on this island though, where is NASA’s money actually going to? The rabbit trail begins.”

It could be said that the greatest bevy of Devon Island conspiracy theories happened back in 2017 when posts on the Reddit thread r/conspiracy brought the topic up rather than putting it to rest. The ‘fake’ images in discussion originated from the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter at the time.

Laurie Cantillo, who happens to be a spokesperson for the space agency, spent an immense amount of time on social media providing what appeared to be indisputable proof that “NASA has rovers on Mars.” It is believed by a lot of theorists that it would require an incredibly large number of individuals wanting to keep a lot of secrets for an excessively long time to hide the horrible truth that NASA used Devon Island to fake all Mars rover missions and the United States government spent the budget money on secret organizations that run everything.

In July 2020, a Facebook post displayed photographs: the first one was in red of a red column labeled “Original NASA photo of MARS” and secondly, a colored image of the identical rock column labeled “Pobitite Kamani, Bulgaria.” Interestingly, the image got a lot of attention with the ordinary “NASA lies exposed!” captions, provoking NASA to publish a statement stating that neither image originated from the space agency.

USA Today carried out a probe in January 2022 and discovered that the meme originated in 2018 and had been widely discredited by Reuters, AFP, and Check Your Fact without effect. USA Today was capable of pinpointing the location of the “Pobitite Kamani, Bulgaria” image; it is a natural area in Bulgaria with distinctive rock columns, and roughly comparable photos appear on Bulgarian travel websites and Google Maps without any reference to Mars.

But the question that attracts the most attention is why so many individuals continue to believe that the Mars rover missions are an elaborate hoax orchestrated on Devon Island, Canada. Perhaps the character played by Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” was correct when he yelled:

“You can’t handle the truth!”

What do you think of the Devon Island, Canada conspiracy theory? Tell us in the comment section below.

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