Lili Nova: The Woman who Encountered Blue Aliens, Photographed UFOs And Developed 6th Sense

Lili Nova- an American from St. Louis, Missouri, claims to witness UFOs and communicate with blue-skinned aliens on a regular basis. Moreover, she also has images of UFOs to substantiate her claim of contact.

Lili Nova: The Woman who frequently encounters the Blue Aliens

“My first encounter with aliens and UFOs was very intense. One night I went outside for some fresh air and immediately saw a bright light hovering over the surroundings. I started to look closely and realized that it was a UFO. After a few seconds, I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, I saw the second ship, which was much closer to me. I could actually see the triangular shape of this ship. The UFOs did some impressive maneuvers, as if to show me they weren’t some ordinary aircraft, before they disappeared.”

According to her interview with The Mirror, Lili Nova has been working as an Astrophotographer (photographing the night sky) since 2021, which is how she wound up on the street the night she first witnessed a UFO.

Since then, she claims, she has become accustomed to seeing UFOs in the sky, to the point where it no longer scares her. In the initial visits, Lili never came across the blue aliens, however, they emerged before her a bit later, possibly upon noticing that Lily was already accustomed to their ships’ appearance.

“One of the first creatures I saw was a girl with light blue skin. She had no hair, but she was very beautiful. She was wearing a tight gray suit, and then I saw her teammates standing behind her in the same form.”

During the interview, Lili Nova also recounted the other aliens she has seen.  They had golden hair, fair skin, and sparkling blue eyes. However, at the same time, Lili Nova was of the opinion that what she saw was not true, but rather what the residents of other planets desired to show her.

She is certain that these visions were transmitted telepathically to her brain and that these aliens were not actual beings. Lili believes that such measures were intended to avoid shocking her with such an encounter.

Lili Nova: The Woman who frequently encounters the Blue Aliens

Since then, Lili has had numerous interactions and sightings of UFOs, which she claims have had a tremendous effect on her life. Lili Nova updates her TikTok profile with photographs and videos of UFOs.

Lili Nova: The Woman who frequently encounters the Blue Aliens

“I needed to learn as much as possible. I gave up my career as a nutritionist because my passion for finding new information about UFOs and aliens overshadowed it. It’s not what I ever expected. The shock of my UFO encounters eventually turned into consolation as I got more and more experiences. I felt like I was developing a relationship with them. This experience changed everything for me. It completely changed my view of the world and I learned so much about the cosmos and other beings. I ended up focusing on spreading the word about what I found.”

Lili Nova claims to have developed a sixth sense as well as an instinctive awareness of when they will reappear. Lili describes herself now as a “cosmic channeler and psychic” specialising in “discovering Star Origins, connecting people to their Star Families and galactic guardians, and assisting Star Seed people in remembering who they truly are.”

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