Ex Banker exposes the Elite: Talk about Rituals and Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati Festivities

Ronald Bernard, a Dutchman who gave an exclusive interview exposing the ‘weaknesses’ of the elite, is a recognized banker and claims that he belonged to the order of the Illuminati. In this interview (below) we are introduced to the day to day sacrifices of children starting with their personal experience.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati

Ronald has been an entrepreneur all his life and although he tried several times to be an employee he never worked because he felt better starting. Being an entrepreneur, he created a line of clothing for women, car dealerships, importing and exporting various types of products, Ronald only wanted to make his fortune as everyone’s dream and then retire and devote himself to rest, which in his case led him casually to the world of finance(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

In that go and come between exchanges of raw materials, products, cars and others, had to deal with the intermediaries of those export and import businesses that are the mediators of the commercial world.

One of those brokers some day told him that to get faster to his goal of getting as much money as possible to retire at a young age, he would devote himself better to finances, the business was to work with assets and interest rates, something with that Ronald had already become a little familiar with his import and export business.

This broker with whom he already had a certain closeness since they had been working together in their import and export businesses, proposed to introduce him into the financial world and in exchange he would give a commission of 10% of the annual profits to what Ronald delightedly agreed that he did, A business of these could not be let go so easily, no? Well, the man only warned him and it was related to his CONSCIOUSNESS telling him that this would have its cost since to win in the financial world you could not have a clean conscience, to which the broker and Ronald only started to laugh as if he were any colloquial phrase of the drawer without knowing the true implications.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

Ronald says that this not so clean conscience did not seem very traumatic since he grew up in a home where he had love on the mother’s side, but the father’s side lived in constant war, living a somewhat difficult childhood, so his vision of the world was a bit of the one but more of the other. Putting his conscience in the “refrigerator” was in a certain way part of his life and because of the way he grew up, he always had to think about his own benefit and survival, thinking rather less about others

Thus began to forge a financial base that helped him to go driving and go specializing and strengthening in the knowledge of the management of banking, meddling in other circles, in the big business world where they are at stake and quite considerable investments and multimillion-dollar profits They are hidden in tax havens and that’s how he became the figurehead of the elite.

Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati

In this way, he talked a little about how his role in the financial world led him to be involved in the operations of the mega-scandal of the Panama papers, the Panama papers where the great tax evasion never known in world history was revealed. that for us ordinary people are news of great relevance but for those involved in these scandals is virtually irrelevant, since behind it there are powers handling money from drugs, terrorism, oil, money laundering, weapons, human trafficking etc that are more relevant than any “mini” scandal like the one in Panama.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

And among the tasks that Ronald and his friends had was to put back into circulation but in a legal way the illegal, being demonstrated that finally there are no good or bad because they all cover each other and respect the rules that exist between them but making sure that At the top of the most powerful do not enter more people. As a member of that circle he got to know in depth how these rules work and making sure that only at that level are the rules of the game known to avoid that those at the bottom of the pyramid can get to know how this financial world really works because they would arrive interfere and that would complicate the game of the elite.

So it was that for 5 years Ronald worked exchanging coins and putting into circulation the good and bad money of those billionaires who control everything in the world.

In the interview, Ronald tells how he was involved in the destruction of the Italian economy: (Italian crisis is . Slideshare . Net / silcop / crises – financial – in – Italy ) and in a manner calculated to carry large companies into bankruptcy . These actions led to suicides and destruction and while some suffered from their losses, the bankers with whom Ronald Bernard was allied could only celebrate their great success because they always came out winners.

They continually made fun of the fact that an owner of one of these companies had committed suicide without caring if they had a wife and children, they made fun of everything and the words he mentioned reminded me of the alleged responsible for the suicides of the children who play the blue whale we talked about in the previous post, since for these bankers everything is just a product, garbage, everything was useless garbage, people, nature, the planet, everything.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati

In view of these things, several of the colleagues with whom Ronald worked began to become alcoholics and drug addicts, that of walking around laughing at other people’s evil and seeing the rest as cockroaches comes a time when it looks different and it is not so fun and Ronald describes it as the beginning of the end that is when you begin to fall into the deepest hole and that is when the consciousness begins to show itself. He says that what he did was like signing a pact and of which he has kept and will remain silent forever, and that is what has kept him alive, because he does not dare to give names or details in depth but he tells only a few things that were the beginning of the end of his successful career in finance without going into deeper things to avoid retaliation.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

His work really is for people without conscience, for psychopaths and is one of the reasons why he could not take it anymore and had to end his life’s business. It is hard to see yourself as someone who forged a place, someone who earned their trust, see themselves with a certain status and being successful but start seeing things with conscience, it is very hard. Of course one would like to reach the top and have as much money and power as they do, but there comes a time when consciousness makes us see things in a very different way(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

And it is as it tells that these powerful for those who ran those businesses did not have a common religion, as seen for example in any circle of people with whom one intercept, that some are Catholics, others Protestants or atheists, in this circle of power all They were Luciferians, Ronald laughed a little when he heard that these people adored a being they call Lucifer because he believed that they were eccentricities or fantasies of the stories.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

They were only his clients and that’s why he liked to hear about his Luciferian affinity and when they invited him to his satanic churches, he went like going to a club because he never saw anything strange and that’s why he always believed that they were only eccentricities. I saw them there with naked women and Ronald just spent his time because he did not see that Satanism was serious, he did not see things that would give him to understand that it was serious and real, so he took it only as a show, as a show.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

Ronald says that he was going to recreate his sight when he saw all these girls naked through his eyes, the sexual orgies and so on that was what attracted him but there was already when they invited him to participate in some sacrifices already outside the place.

Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati

You can see the difficulty of Ronald to talk about it because his voice is broken and he has trouble talking about what he saw. To his surprise, these were children and he says he could not participate as he was expected to do, and at that moment he remembered that when he was a child, he himself went through many difficult and ugly situations and that was what caused that breaking point to to be reflected there in those defenseless children. From there his work was affected as he began to notice that they did not treat him with the same confidence and that they could not continue things as before, since in this one has to be susceptible to corruption and Ronald was simply another that no longer worked as before seeing things differently.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

He began to study theology and to find that these sacrifices are something that is millennial and that in the Bible this was already spoken of as part of millenary cults. Although Ronald was not a believer at all, these experiences began to open another picture of the possible existence of an invisible world, of the possible existence of another powerful force, since if there was such a dark force and such misunderstanding, there had to be another powerful force luminous(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

He tells that he studied financial psychology in its beginnings, since it was one of the ways he learned to manage people in business, manipulation of those below and that is when the point of mind control is reached using these psychological techniques to manipulate the means so that none of these large-scale operations can ever be perceived maintaining the illusion, as the aforementioned case of Panama Papers that has not finally yielded the fruits that we supposedly expected from below but that nevertheless continues to be spoken of as the biggest fraud of history to maintain the illusion that there will be justice and those who have been in these frauds, money laundering and tax evasion will pay for their crimes … but never will, that will never happen.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

Briefly tells how were those following days in which I had to keep looking, had employees and had to continue producing money for that corrupt elite because that was their commitment to this type of business, their money was in their hands and could not He also did not have the luxury of making mistakes and he felt a bit trapped and he did not really know how to get out of that maleficent circle also seeing his own (employees and colleagues) serving these Satanists until he could not take it anymore and collapsed, apparently his collapse He took him to death and having one of those experiences near death and although he never believed in spiritual things, he began to understand that he was not that body that was lying in intensive care but that essence that was seeing doctors doing operations to reanimate that material body.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

That experience he secretly had only for himself until he investigated more deeply what had really happened to him, understanding better that we are composed of matter and spirit. From that collapse he did not recover as quickly as he would have liked and it took him a year to recover, and this happened to him because those who dominate in the shadows made sure that he understood that with them he had to have fidelity and that he had to keep silence, that he would not speak anything of what he knew, with them he had a CONTRACT for life and had to fulfill it, his secret should be total. They took him to such a level of stress that he definitely could not handle him, leading him to his own end.

The interview asks him if they abducted him or if he was subjected to mental control and says that he was tortured in various ways to guarantee that he will never try to harm any of those at the top of that pyramid for whom he worked, but the The pressure was so strong that the reaction of his own body was to produce a collapse that cost him back to normal.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

In a way, he regrets not having taken the path of his colleagues, that of drugs and alcohol, because as many of them are already dead and he is not very convinced that he has survived this collapse to make a contribution to this world. Ronald says that the system continues to work and people are still managed like sheep, since they are happy with a beer, football and media circus, and they are already satisfied with that.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

They are ways to manipulate the masses and that is why the elite are sure that there will never be a mass reaction against all their activities because they have all been programmed to seek their own sense of well-being without caring for the community good. The only thing clear to Ronald who knew them up close is that they care less about cockroaches and that they hate us to death. What do you think?(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati)

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