The KGB UFO Files Reveal Russian Fighter Planes Encountered UFOs That Moved Like ‘Nothing Man-Made’

KGB UFO Files reveal that Russian pilots found strange lights in the sky and soldiers witnessed objects moving as if out of this world.

Credit: The Sun Online.

Cold War-era archives reveal that not only was the US experiencing strange object encounters in the sky but the same UFO phenomenon was being seen in the Soviet Union. This is evidenced by the existence of dozens of reports of Russian soldiers, aviators, and pilots as they observed creepy shapes, huge objects, bright lights and mysterious flashes.

Some of the more striking KGB UFO files reports include a Russian colonel reporting a shape-shifting object that shot a “beam of light” toward the ground. Others recount how a MiG-21 pilot was baffled by a mysterious object and the way he moved, The Sun reports.

Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos,  recently confirmed that Russian pilots have also encountered mysterious craft and said that Moscow is investigating UFOs as well. And these KGB files, discovered after they were first sent to Major General Pavel Popovich, seem to point in that direction. They were provided to The Sun by UAP Media UK, a campaign group dedicated to investigating and working towards a more serious and transparent discussion of UFOs.

“These translated reports may not provide a nice, clear answer to UFOs, but they do provide a counter to the common fallacy that strange objects and lights are only a US-centric phenomenon,” commented Graeme Rendall, from UAP Media UK, a researcher who has written books on the subject. “Mysterious craft have been seen around the world, including in a country run by a regime known for hiding inconvenient truths.”

The Blue Folder: Russia’s KGB UFO Files

Major General Popovich was one of the first 20 cosmonauts, losing only to Yuri Gagarin for the honor of becoming the first man in space. He commanded the Vostok 4 spacecraft, which flew into space for four days in August 1962 and then trained the next generation of Soviet spacemen.

His wife, Colonel Marina Popovich, was also an avid UFO hunter, as well as a legendary supersonic test pilot known as “Madame MiG.” She wrote a book on the subject, campaigned for disclosure, and claimed that Moscow was in possession of at least five UFO fragments.

Pavel Popovich in Vostok 4. He was the fourth cosmonaut in space, the sixth person in orbit, and the eighth in space. 
Moreover, he was the first of Ukrainian origin.

Both called for more disclosure on the issue until their deaths in 2009 Pável and 2017 Marina, with “Madame MiG” planning to lobby the US government on UFOs before her death.

After first being delivered to Pavel on October 24, 1991, the more than 100 pages of documents known as “The Blue Folder” finally appeared in the West.

The Blue Folder documents were delivered to him only 63 days before the total collapse of the Soviet Union. The major general received the documents, which, although they did not “systematically” investigate the “so-called unidentified flying objects”, recorded the unusual activity in the Soviet skies. Vadim Bakatin, who was the final chairman of the KGB until its eventual disintegration, was the one who sent him the files.

Startling reports include eyewitness accounts of UFOs in Burkhala, Magadan, who saw a “bright red” object appear for 30 minutes on October 21, 1989. One of the witnesses, who is said to have worked at the Baikonur Cosmodrome space center, estimated that the object was moving at about 600 mph.

“[He] commented that none of the flying devices he knew of could perform such movements,” the document reads.

The object was described as being in the shape of “a cigar or a fish” and surrounded by nine lights. And the shape was reportedly observed by two groups of eyewitnesses from two separate points in the area.

Another of the most striking accounts is that of Lieutenant Valerii Voloshin, who described seeing a “disk-shaped object with a half-sphere on top” on July 28, 1989. Soviet commanders rushed to intercept it with a drone. combat, but the pilot was unable to get close enough to the UFO, which had previously been seen above missile silos hurling “beams” toward the ground.

Voloshin claimed that his captain had sent word of a “flying saucer”, and even provided a sketch of the object showing an unmistakable disk shape.


“The movements of the object were somewhat irregular, sometimes moving quickly sideways or vertically,” the lieutenant said.

There is also a case where a plane reported to the control tower having had a mysterious encounter with a “pill”-shaped ship (Tic-Tac?).

“While the accuracy and veracity of these KGB reports of UFO sightings in the 1980s can never be 100% verifiable, they are a treasure trove of information revealing a dark Cold War secret. Military personnel and ordinary Russian citizens also frequently saw UFOs. In many cases, the original Cyrillic letters and statements are included, with drawings and sketches of the objects seen,” Rendall said.

“Ignoring the difference in written alphabets, they closely resemble the reports found in old USAF Project Blue Book documents from the 1950s and 1960s. The Soviets were clearly looking for answers to the phenomenon,” he concluded.

Source: The Sun

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