Did Nostradamus predict an alien invasion in 2020?

Will 2020 see the beginning of the End Times period? Could a prophecy alert of the coming of the “Messiah”? According to some theorists, it could be so. Will we see an alien invasion in 2020?

alien invasion in 2020

For some people, these prophecies would start at the beginning of World War III, just after the arrival of several extraterrestrial beings on our planet.

Some link this arrival with the return of the Messiah. The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, would manage to form a pact with the invading aliens, who would then live in peace on Earth, but then force a change of DNA in our genome.

In the same way, it is Putin who is detailed in these prophecies as the maximum responsible for starting this Third World War.

In the last book of the Bible, which is called “Apocalypse”, it is explicitly revealed what the unequivocal signs of the end of time would be, all prior to the return of the “promised Messiah” 

It is also mentioned that said “advent” will be preceded by a great world conflict, which will begin with the “fall of the stars” .

This would be the confirmation of one of Nostradamus’ prophecies, which place the end of time in the period from 2015 to 2020.

It is indicated that in this period of time an alien invasion would take place, which is what the Bible calls the “fall of the stars” , a fact that will mark the beginning of the Third World War, which will be short but exterminating.

In reality the Biblical prophecies and the predictions of Nostradamus complement each other. Only a careful study of both writings can provide us with sufficient light to fully understand the imminent outcome of the events that will mark the final destiny of the planet.

The world powers, realizing that the outcome of this conflict is something they will not be able to control, would have already begun to move their “pieces” to secure positions of privilege in the new world order that will be established.

However, something that the powers have not seen or have not wanted to see is that the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Apocalypse place the promised return of the “almighty savior” just after the occurrence of these signs.

And in that case no earthly or alien power could assure the fulfillment of any previous pact, because the power from which it will come would be greater than any other power … Or not?

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