aliens use volcanoes

Do aliens use volcanoes as an energy source for their UFOs?

Reports from eyewitnesses that they observed UFOs during eruptions of volcanoes, come with an enviable regularity. And now the proponents of the conspiracy theory claim that they have found an explanation for this amazing phenomenon. What is behind this? Do aliens use volcanoes as an energy source for their UFOs?


Since the famous incident in Roswell in 1947, a very large number of people believe that we in the universe are not alone. The flow of reports about alleged abductions of people by aliens or about the appearance of strange flying objects in the night, or even the daytime sky, does not stop. Attempts to explain the existence and appearance of extraterrestrials are constantly being made. And now conspiracy theorists have put forward another version, designed to explain the reason for the regular appearance of aliens on our planet.

Increase in the number of observed UFOs during volcanic eruptions

As the British Daily Star writes, reports of monitoring UFOs during volcanic eruptions have been increasing in the past. As the online portal of this newspaper informs, only for 2016 there is a whole series of videos allegedly confirming these statements. The authors believe that on those records, the alien ships clearly visible from the bowels of the volcano are clearly visible. Such messages came, for example, fromYellowstonea national couple in the US, as well as from Mexico. But the question immediately arises: what did the aliens forget about active volcanoes?

Conspiracy theorists argue: aliens use volcanoes as energy sources

Numerous, but little-known in a wide range of experts on others believe that it is able to explain why UFOs so often notice nearby volcanoes. “When an average volcano erupts, about 27 megatons of thermal energy are released. This is truly a huge mass. Therefore, it is quite possible to assume that unusual flying objects have found a way of using this energy that is wasting in vain, “one of the authors wrote at

Can aliens cause volcanic eruptions?

A certain blogger on the page goes even further, claiming that alien aliens are able to awaken on our planet seismic activity, and also cause eruptions and earthquakes at will. Can this version claim to explain the increased volcanic eruptions in recent months? In principle, yes, but so far these assumptions represent a pure hypothesis. But effective evidence of the existence of aliens, not to mention their ability to use volcanic energy, has not been as yet, nor has it.

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  1. Thanks for the article Michael.
    40 years ago I used to go camping on a dormant (150 years since previous eruption) volcano. After a hike of about 4 kilometers over rough broken lava I would set up my sleeping bag on the edge of the rim of the crater, which was at the summit. I was in my early twenties and I was quite sensitive to Earth energies. I loved this place, at the time it was my favourite place in the world. I enjoyed sleeping under the stars on the edge of the crater, which was about 300 metres in diameter. This may sound crazy but on very windy nights there was a rumbling sound: I attributed it to a low frequency sound equivalent to air passing over the mouth of a bottle.
    One night I awoke (I’m not sure what time it was) and there was a circular object silently hovering above the crater. It seemed like it’s altitude was about 500 metres but I could not be sure. In the relative darkness I could not see any details on the object. It was a clear night and the new moon had already set hours before. From my viewpoint it was a circular disc shape but it could have been an orb. There were no visible lights on the part of the craft that I could see silhouetted against the night sky. After hovering for about 5 minutes (this is 5 minutes after I awoke. I don’t know how long it had been there) it flew off towards the north.
    At the time I instinctively knew that the craft was re-fueling with some kind of energy, but not having a scientific mind I could not really understand the mechanics or the physics. I only understood and felt the energy of that place an esoteric way.
    I personally don’t think that beings from other worlds visit Earth in the physical form. So I believe that the craft was being piloted by humans or if not, I was glimpsing something from another dimension.

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