A family records their maid possessed by demonic entities

Films related to exorcisms like “The Exorcist (1973)” or “The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) have captivated the public around the world, but the question that many people ask is: can we really be the victims of a possession Demonic In Esoteric and Paranormal World we have dedicated several publications on this subject, and even so we can say that this is a very difficult question to answer.(maid possessed by demonic entities)

Skeptics, boasting of their experience in matter, assert that the usual symptoms of demonic possession can be explained by certain natural phenomena. The frightening voices of a creature is a person possessed can be the result of an anomaly in the vocal cords, and if we talk about the unusual physical force, strange scratches and marks of bites in the body then they can be self-inflicted injuries, psychological disorders.(maid possessed by demonic entities)

However, there are well-documented cases of demonic possessions that are not so easily explained, nor by the very “holy” science. These cases include multiple credible witnesses who witness as the victim of possession exhibit unexplained behavior, such as levitating in the air, speaking unfamiliar languages ​​or revealing personal information from strangers. Now, a new case adds to the large number of demonic possessions that continue if explanation. A terrifying video shows a woman possessed by demonic spirits in Singapore.(maid possessed by demonic entities)

Pure possession

A woman claims that her maid has been possessed by evil spirits after seeing the way she opened her eyes and her strange behavior at home . But when the owner of the house Nurul Baker checked the recording of the security cameras installed inside the house was surprised to see her maid erratically moving a white dress and walking in a zombie state.

In the images you can see how the maid has her long hair hanging around her face with her head tilted and pointing to certain points where at first there seems nothing important . But the video not only horrified Nurul, thousands of Internet users have already visualized it and have opined about the creepy behavior of women.(maid possessed by demonic entities)

“My maid was possessed in my apartment after getting out of the shower ,” Nurul said. “That day I was lucky because my children were not at home.”

However, some people said that the maid was faking, in a desperate attempt to return to her home country. The skeptics pointed out that the strange behavior of the woman is curiously in front of the camera, this being a clear evidence that the maid wanted to be seen. However, others called their attention to behave like this to leave the job, if it is a montage. Other owners said that their servants did something similar and that over time they ended up confessing that it was a strategy to leave their jobs.

maid possessed by demonic entities

But not everyone agrees with these theories, there are those who believe that the images show a true demonic possession. Experts in the subject who have visualized the video consider that it is impossible for a person to act in that way . As we have already begun in previous publications, demonic possession consists of 5 levels : Manifestation, infestation, oppression, possession and finally destruction of the victim.

According to the video footage, the servant would be in the possession phase, when the demonic entity has control over individual thoughts , emotions and behavior. But this would not be the worst, since the next step would be the destruction of the victim, when the being that lives inside the guest is aimed at his death. And the more pain and suffering, the better.

Do you think it’s a real demonic possession? Or was it simply a strategy to leave his job?


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