UFOs in ancient Egypt? The mysterious story of the Tulli Papyrus

The so-called “Tulli Papyrus” is an enigmatic text that some researchers describe as the first written account of a UFO sighting. In this Egyptian text an event occurred supposedly occurred during the XVIII dynasty, around the year 1480 a. C. Thus, we are faced with an exciting and intriguing question: could it be the oldest known evidence of the existence of aliens?(Tulli Papyrus)

The Tulli Papyrus becomes famous all over the world

Ancient Egypt has come down to us because of its incredibly rich and ancient culture, its wonderful civilization and also its mysterious gods and some of the most peculiar stories of the ancient world. One of these strange and little-known stories appears in an ancient Egyptian document known as the “Tulli Papyrus.” Said document, instead of being the typical Egyptian papyrus, describes in detail a spectacular UFO sighting allegedly occurred in ancient Egypt during the Reign of Thutmose III.

This text was forgotten for centuries before it caused a furor during the 1930s. During a visit to Cairo, in 1933, Alberto Tulli (of whom the papyrus takes his name), director of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museums, supposedly discovered An interesting papyrus in an antique shop. Tulli thought the papyrus was too expensive to buy, so he simply made a copy of the original document, which was then copied by replacing the original hieratic script with hieroglyphs: a fact that has caused unbelievers to doubt authenticity Of the papyrus.

Example of hieratic writing.  Exercise table with hieratic extract from 'The instructions of Amenemhat'.  Dynasty XVIII, reign of Amenhotep I, c.  1514-1493 a.  C.Tulli Papyrus

However, Alberto Tulli and his supposed papyrus became a major find in UFO research groups, and many ufologists have taken the document as an undeniable source of the existence of extraterrestrial life. In fact, papyrus is considered one of the oldest known records in which a fleet of flying saucers is described. Although the papyrus was seriously deteriorated and contained several gaps, Prince Boris de Rachewiltz managed to translate it, declaring that the papyrus was part of the annals of Thutmose III.

However, there is indeed a suspicious detail throughout this story: the text does not refer at any time to the pharaoh by its name, a fact that increases suspicion and further compromises the authenticity of the papyrus.

Text copied from the Tulli Papyrus passed to hieroglyphic writing.(Tulli Papyrus)

There are two translations made independently of the ancient Egyptian text: one made by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz and the other carried out by the anthropologist R. Cedric Leonard. The following is the one provided by Prince Boris de Rachewiltz:

In the sixth hour of the third winter month of the year 22, the scribes of the House of Life discovered a circle of fire that came from heaven (though) without a head, with a wide mouth (which gave off) a foul odor. The length of his body was a rod (about 45 meters) and also his size, he had no voice … Their hearts were confused at the sight; Then lay on his belly. They went to the king … (?) To inform him. His majesty ordered that everything written on the papyrus rolls of the House of Life be examined. His Majesty was meditating on what had happened. Then, when some days had passed, Lo! They became more numerous than ever. They illuminated the sky more than the sun to the limits of the four supports of the sky. Powerful was the position of the circles of fire. The king’s army was still watching, and his Majesty was in the midst of him. It was after dinner time. Then the circles of fire rose further south. Fish and birds fell from the sky. A wonder never seen since the founding of this Earth! His majesty brought incense to appease the heart. What happened in the book of the House of Life will be remembered for all eternity. “

For his part, R. Cedric Leonard offers a more understandable translation that can help to understand a little better the essence of the text:

In the sixth hour of the third winter month of the year 22, […] the scribes of the House of Life observed that from the sky came a strange disk of fire. I had no head. The breath of his mouth gave off a foul odor. His body had a rod of length and a width. He did not utter a voice. He came to his Majesty’s house. His heart was confused when he saw it, and they fell on his belly. They went to the king to inform him. His Majesty [ordered that] the scrolls [placed] be consulted in the House of Life. His Majesty meditated on all these events that were happening. After several days, they became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone in the sky with more force than the sun itself, stretching to the limits of the four supports of heaven… Powerful was the position of the discs of fire. The king’s army watched, with his Majesty in their midst. It was after the evening meal that the disks rose further into the sky to the south. Fish and birds then fell from the sky: a wonder never before lived since the founding of the country. And his Majesty caused incense to be burned to appease the heart of Amon-Ra, god of the Two Lands. And [he ordered] that the event [be recorded for] His Majesty in the annals of the House of Life [to be remembered] forever. 

Should Papyrus Tulli be considered a credible source?

As it is derived from the own translation of the old text, this supposed sighting UFO occurred around the year 1480 a. C. and was witnessed by many people. It is quite safe to assume that the ancient Egyptians would not have confused these “fire disks” with a rare astronomical or meteorological phenomenon, since they were very advanced in both camps. His knowledge in astronomy and other sciences make many historians believe that the Egyptians would have been able to differentiate between an astronomical phenomenon and a strange and inexplicable incident, as described in the text of the Tulli Papyrus.

Images of the tomb of Senenmut related to astronomy.(Tulli Papyrus)

However, we should not be led by hasty conclusions. On the contrary, we must take into account that the Tulli Papyrus is not a true papyrus, but the translation of a modern transcription of a presumed ancient Egyptian document whose whereabouts are currently unknown. In addition, it has only testified to the existence of such a single document (from Rachewiltz), and consequently no scientific study can be carried out without analyzing the original papyrus to verify its authenticity. Therefore, at this point in history, it would be useless to analyze in greater depth what those “circles of fire” could be, since the very existence of the original text is doubtful.

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