Former deputy sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident

The story has been widely publicized in books, in film and television. We are talking about the Roswell incident, which occurred in early July 1947 when a mysterious object fell from the sky, crashing into a ranch 110 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. Was it an alien ship? A weather balloon? A secret military device to detect Soviet atomic tests?(sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident)

And 70 years later, all these questions remain unanswered, with decades of speculation and speculation fueling the legendary case. Even every year an event is held in the first week of July, with a wide variety of experts in the field that aim to shed light on what really happened so many years ago. But no one was expected to publish an interview never seen before, where at that time sheriff’s assistant, Charles Fogus, says he witnessed the fall of the UFO in Roswell in 1947.(sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident)

New data confirming the Roswell incident

In July 1947, Sheriff Jess Slaughter and his assistant Charles Fogus were traveling together to pick up an inmate when they were scouted by the police station that had crashed a plane . The two agents, traveling to Roswell, New Mexico, decided to investigate and found the scene of one of the most famous UFO incidents in history.

sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident


While the United States Army stated that the star object was nothing more than a meteorological balloon, conspiracy theorists believe the site was the scene of a UFO crash and subsequent recovery of extraterrestrial bodies . In the new book “UFOs TODAY – 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation and Government Cover-Up” , Fogus reveals that he saw a flying saucer starry and as the military took away Bodies of extraterrestrials of the place.

This is the first time your statement has been published. According to the British tabloid Daily Mirror , the former Sheriff’s deputy says in the interview that a flying saucer crashed near a river.(sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident)

“When we got there, the place was full of soldiers towing something big, a creature,” Fogus explained. “The bodies were five feet high. I saw the legs and feet of some of them. They looked like our feet. The skin was brown, as if they had spent too much time in the sun. There were many soldiers, about 3 or 4 hundreds. We saw them being dragged (bodies) out of the barrel to the tow trucks so they could be transported. “

Fogus explained that after about 20 minutes the military let them go and so continue their journey to pick up the prisoner. When asked what he thought about what he saw, he said: “The Great Father not only created this planet, he created them all. The strange beings were from other planets, where the Great Father put them … just as he put us on Earth. They are smarter than we are. They can come from here to here, but we can not go from here to there. “

The book has been published by Philip Mantle, who is a former director of the British UFO Research Association.(sheriff reveals what he saw in the Roswell UFO incident)

“It’s rare for anyone to add something new to the Roswell case from an eyewitness point of view ,” Mantle said. “And if it’s the Roswell incident as a ‘closed case’, new evidence like this can be very valuable.”

However, the US Army has actively and passively denied that Roswell was the scene of an alien landing , disqualifying reports confirming that the object that crashed was a weather balloon. But it seems that the large number of eyewitnesses and other documents leaked seem to say the opposite, that on the ranch of New Mexico did happen something difficult to explain.

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