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The Moore UFO Incident Of 1957: Strange UFO, Unidentified Footprints, And Unusual Military Intervention

Olden Moore claimed to encounter a UFO up close outside Montville, Ohio, in 1957, and his unique narrative involves high-ranking members of the US military. Eventually, the incident became known as the Moore UFO incident for which he was deeply interrogated even by the army personnel.

On November 6, 1957, around 11:30 p.m., in the midst of a UFO seeing wave that began four days earlier in Levelland, Texas, 28-year-old plasterer Olden Moore was driving west of Montville, Ohio, when he noticed a lighted object traveling from right to left (eastward) across the night sky in front of him. Moore later stated:

“It stopped when it got to the center of my side of the windshield, and then it split into two pieces. One part went straight upward. The part that remained seemed brighter than ever and kept getting bigger. When it got to be about the size of a sheet of paper, I pulled the car into a side road and got out. It seemed to be headed straight at the car. I had no idea what it was. The colour changed as it approached, from bright white to a green haze, and then to blue-green as it stopped about 200 feet above the field. I didn’t hear any sound until it started to settle slowly to the ground. Then I noticed a whirring sound, something like an electric meter, only a little deeper.”

Moore observed the UFO that dropped 500 feet away from him for the next 15 minutes without attempting to approach it. It was circular in shape, resembling a covered dish, with a diameter of 50 feet and a height of 50 feet. From the top midsection, a pointed, steeple-like cone sprang.

The UFO was enveloped in a bluish-green cloud resembling fog. Slowly pulsating colors alternated between brilliant and dull. Moore could see the object’s surface through the haze, which appeared to be made of the same material as “mirrored sun-glasses.”

He eventually decided to walk toward it but stopped about halfway to get his wife. He drove five miles back to his house, but when the pair returned, the UFO vanished. 

Mrs. Moore notified County Sheriff Louis Robusky the following morning, and he came to interrogate Moore.  The location was inspected early in the afternoon by Lake County Civilian Defense Director Kenneth Locke, who discovered footprints that “came from nowhere and went nowhere”. They had a sort of heel print, followed by some little holes in the ground, similar to those made by golf shoes. However, nobody in the vicinity possesses golf shoes.” Two perfectly formed three-foot-deep, six-inch-diameter holes were located near the “footprints.”

Locke departed in search of a Geiger counter. “When we returned,” he explained, “we had a reading of approximately 150 micro roentgen [per hour; a normal value is 15] in the center of a 50-foot-diameter region, tapering to 20 or 30 micro roentgen towards the perimeter.” This demonstrated that the action was not produced by ground minerals.” “An alien object fell in that field,” Locke stated to a representative of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO).

That following morning, Mildred Wenzel discovered “abnormal pockmarks” on the roof and windshield of her car, which had been left outside all night. She chose to travel to Chardon in order to speak with Sheriff Robusky about the situation. She crossed the field where the object had landed and noticed the sheriff and Locke. When she pulled over to inquire about what was going on, Locke used his Geiger counter to measure 35 to 40 micro roentgen in her automobile.

Mrs. Wenzel stated that “something strange” had occurred with her television reception late the previous evening. “I was unable to receive any of the television stations on my set,” she explained. “Everything was hazy.” At 6:30 a.m. the following morning, Mrs. E. A. Markell, a local resident, “saw an object or spaceship,” which she reported to the sheriff’s office:

“It was so bright that it blurred my eyes. It was like sitting on the ledges and then it went right up. It was round in shape, very low, and much larger than an airplane. Odd in shape. Only there a few minutes. It definitely was not the sun, moon, or airplane. There were no vapor trails or noise”.

said Mrs Markell.

Mr.Moore Was Taken To Washington For Interrogation

Moore vanished for a few days shortly afterward. When he returned, he refused to disclose his whereabouts. He informed local Civil Defense personnel that he had fled town in order to avoid mockery and persecution. Not long afterward, his wife informed acquaintances that he had been sent to Washington D.C. by the Air Force. When a reporter inquired about this:

“I talked to high officials. I was sworn to secrecy. I won’t say where I was.”

In March 1962, James W. Moseley, editor of Saucer News, conducted an interview with Lt. Colonel Robert. Moseley inquired about Olden Moore during the conversation. As he later stated in another account:

“Moore began claiming that he was taken to Washington and detained involuntarily for three days of questioning. He made these statements to friends and eventually on tape, and this tape was sent to a larger circle of saucer enthusiasts. According to Colonel Friend, the Air Force went to interview this man and ask him politely about these wild claims. The fellow admitted in private that they were not true. Apparently, he had merely strayed from home for a few days and needed a good story to tell his wife.”

C.W. Fitch, a ufologist, responded to Friend’s assertion. Fitch, who was introduced to Moore following his contact, described him as an upright man strongly committed to church activities who was unlikely to create a UFO experience or an encounter with officialdom.

Moore reported that on November 10, four days after his sighting, Sheriff Robusky, a deputy, and an Air Force official visited his home and asked him to travel to Youngstown, Ohio, for an interview with military representatives. They transported Moore to the site where he had his UFO encounter – Moore was so taken aback by this that he got fearful – and loaded him into a military helicopter beside two Air Force officers. He was flown to Youngstown for an interview and then returned to the field around 11 p.m.

A week later, an Air Force car accompanied by two officers arrived at Moore’s house. He was informed that he will be transported to Washington for additional interrogation. They escorted him to a waiting plane that made a quick stop at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, to pick up and drop off one officer.

Moore was housed in a downtown Washington building, which Fitch later concluded was the United States Court House, based on his description. He was housed in the structure and even fed there in a private dining area. Though he was treated politely, the officers kept a close eye on him at all times, including when he slept.

Moore’s allegation that toward the end of his stay (during which he was interviewed by three separate groups of persons who asked him roughly the identical questions) he was shown slides of, in Fitch’s words, “Numerous still images of UFOs. They even stole a UFO footage that had been allegedly stolen from inside a military plane.”

According to the officials, because these objects were neither American nor Soviet, they must have come from another planet. The military had never publicly acknowledged this since it did not yet possess all of the answers. Moore swore an oath of secrecy in a document.

Moore never disclosed any of this in public, but in early 1959, he taped himself telling the incident to a local UFO enthusiast. Within a few days, copies of the video were widely distributed, and not long after, two men from Wright-Patterson approached the Moore and attempted to convince them that the object they had seen was nothing more than a big fireball. Moore remained a skeptic.

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