The Japanese Suicide Forest: 10 Disturbing Facts About This Forest

The official name of this forest is Aokigahara, which translates as “Land of Blue Trees”, but unofficially it is known as the Japanese suicide forest.

The Aokigahara forest is located northwest of Mount Fuji on the Japanese island of Honshu and is about 35 square meters in area. kilometers. Families often come here to relax, and those who have decided to commit suicide also like to come here.

Of course, those parts of the forest where people have picnics and those where suicides are hanged are in different places. And if you do not know about the ill fame of the forest and do not climb into the wilderness, then it looks like a very pleasant and even beautiful place.

However, with this forest and without suicides, there are enough oddities, the most famous of which is its magnetic anomalies. Compasses do not work here, their arrows “go crazy”. There is a theory that explains this by the presence of large layers of iron ore underground, but local residents believe that all this is due to the abundance of ghosts and other otherworldly creatures in the forest.

Below we list the 10 weirdest things to see in this place.

10. There are lots of Ropes and strings everywhere

Ropes and ribbons found in Japanese Suicide Forest
You can see ribbons and ropes in this part of the Japanese Suicide Forest

If you dare to go deeper into the Aokigahara forest, you will immediately see many thick threads, colored ribbons or ropes that tie around tree trunks and which stretch to the most distant places.

The fact is that almost every person who wants to commit suicide in this place takes a ball of thread or a bundle of colored ribbon with him. He ties the end of the ribbon to a tree at the edge of the forest, and then gradually unwinds the ball as he goes further and further. 

This is done in case the suicide changes his mind and wants to come back. If this happens, he unwinds the rope, but if he does not return, the threads and ropes remain in this forest.

9. Scattered personal belongings

Various things can be seen where the threads are stretched. They are simply scattered on the ground among the trees: bags, mobile phones, clothes, shoes. Sometimes it’s all stacked up in a neat heap.

Sandwich boxes, beverage or water bottles can also be seen there. This was the last meal of the suicides. 

And if you see packages of medicines, then most often they are painkillers or sleeping pills. Mostly in this forest, people commit suicide by hanging, but there are those who prefer to die through an overdose of drugs. 

If you find a place where a pile of clothes, empty bottles and food packages are lying, then most likely the corpse of a suicide will be somewhere very close

8. Ghosts of the Dead

There are many legends and tales that the ghosts of those who once committed suicide live in the Aokigahara forest. Restless souls are doomed to roam this forest forever as punishment for their wrongdoing.

Because of this, they are very very angry and in order to avenge their position, they supposedly can force the hesitant or even those who did not think about suicide at all, to commit suicide. 

In Japanese folklore, there is a belief that if a person dies from sudden or violent death, then he becomes a creature called Yurei. 

Yurei are filled with anger and, if they wish, can unleash it on a living person, which makes him want to kill himself too.

There are many stories that people visiting Aokigahara Forest who had never thought about suicide at all until now, suddenly felt a strong urge to kill themselves, as if something was forcing them to do it. 

Those who resisted this pressure and managed to safely leave here, as a rule, never returned here after, fearing that something evil would attack them again.

7. Warning signs

Warning signs in Japanese Suicide Forest

In an attempt to stem the tide of suicides, local authorities have placed warning signs throughout the forest. On them is written a request not to kill yourself and the phone numbers of social services are indicated.

True, it is still not clear whether these tablets helped at least one suicide. There is even a theory that maybe they, on the contrary, once again remind them of why they came to this place, the more they stimulate them to accomplish their plans.

6.100 bodies per year are found in the japanese suicide Forest

Bodies Found In Japanese Suicide Forest

On average, the remains of about a hundred suicides are removed from the Aokigahara forest every year (those that were discovered, of course). There are special groups whose job is to walk through this forest and look for corpses, and then call the police.

If they stumble upon a living person who came here clearly to commit suicide, then they take him and take him to special “safe houses” located next to the forest. There, a psychologist will continue to communicate with these people.

5. Official data on suicides are no longer reported By The Government

How many people now come to die in the Aokigahara forest is not known for certain, since the local authorities have forbidden to provide such information to journalists.

It is believed that this was done in order not to “advertise” this place once again. The fact is that the Aokigahara forest in recent years has become widely known all over the world thanks to the Internet, and several other horror films.

The flow of tourists has increased here, and, as rumors say, the number of suicides has also increased.

Allegedly, some even come from other countries to kill themselves in the Aokigahara forest.

While there is no official ban on this, it is highly discouraged and discouraged to stay overnight in Aokigahara Forest. Even in a tent, even so.

It is believed that this is very disrespectful to the spirits, and even such overnight stays allegedly can bring impressionable people to heart attacks, because in the dark this forest becomes even more terrible.

There is also a tale that local ghosts are activated precisely at night and that if you spend the night here in a tent, then there is a great chance not to live until morning, but to commit a quick suicide.

3. Evil energy

Esotericists, psychics and other mediums believe that everything in this place is saturated with evil energy. It permeates everything around, trees, grass, flowers. Therefore, you cannot bring anything from here to your home.

It is because of this bad energy that all this hell is going on here, and it’s not at all that this is just a “fashionable place”, because the Aokigahara forest has a bad reputation long before it was told in the press.

There are legends that back in the 19th century, some families brought their elderly relatives here so that they would die here an easy death “with dignity.”

2. caves In The Japanese Suicide Forest

The Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fujiyama is only a part of the anomalous zone that arose here after a powerful earthquake in 864 AD. Lava from the volcano spread over an area of ​​12 square miles, and when it solidified, many cave systems formed here.

Over time, these places were overgrown with forests, including the Aokigahara forest, and these mysterious forest caves have never been properly explored. Over the centuries, various myths have developed about them, according to which strange creatures live here, which are much more terrible than ghosts.

1. Are magnetic anomalies the cause of suicide?

As we wrote at the beginning of this article, there is a magnetic anomaly in the Aokigahara forest, whose nature has not yet been revealed. There is a theory that it is because of this anomaly that people here go crazy and commit suicide.

A group of researchers studied magnetic anomalies in different places and different countries, and they came to the conclusion that in those places where there are magnetic anomalies, as a rule, there is an abnormally high suicide rate among people.


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