2000 years old ancient manuscript suggests that giants lived on Earth

A 2000 years old ancient manuscript literally speaks of how Giants also known as Nephilim inhabited Earth.
The Book of Giants found in the Qumran Caves describes how the Nephilim Giants lived on Earth creating chaos and destruction.
The Qumran caves discovered around the archaeological site of Qumran in the Judaean Desert of the West Bank have produced ancient relics of utmost importance.
The Qumran Caves is precisely where numerous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.
The caves are known in Israel as a National Heritage Site.
The so-called Dead Sea Scrolls are a huge collection composed of 981 different manuscripts discovered between 1946-47, 1956, and 2017 in 12 of the caves.
The texts are of great historical, religious, and linguistic importance because they include the second-oldest known surviving manuscripts of works later included in the Hebrew Bible canon, along with deuterocanonical and extra-biblical manuscripts which preserve evidence of the diversity of religious thought in late Second Temple Judaism.
But in addition to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Qumran caves is where experts recovered the Book of Giants.
It is an apocryphal Jewish book expanding a narrative in the Hebrew Bible. According to researchers, this ancient text is believed to have been based on the Book of Enoch, considered as a pseudepigraphical work dating back to the third century BCE.

2000 years old ancient manuscript suggests that giants lived on Earth
A small piece of the Book Of Giants and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The book specifically talks about the two children of Shemihaza, Ohya, and Hahya. 
However, there are many ancient texts that make reference to the Nephilim.
According to J.T. Milik, The Book of Giants is a book that is believed to have been a part of the Pentateuch of Enoch along with the Books of Watchers, The Book of dreams, The Epistle of Enoch, and the Astronomical Book.
All of these would have been significant since the beginning of the first century.
However, During the Christian era, this collection was altered and this narrative was replaced by the Book of Parables.
The scattered copies of these books could have been due to a lack of overall use after it was replaced by the Book of Parables.
Another text is the Book of Genesis, which undoubtedly describes these mysterious creatures considered by mainstream scholars, only as mythological beings of mankind’s distant history.
Most of the information gathered today comes from the apocryphal Book of Enoch.
This ancient work is historically attributed to Noah’s great-grandfather.
The Book of Giants suggests that these creatures were ‘two hundred trees from heaven’ and that they came down and populated planet Earth.
These beings are said to have been extremely corrupted and debased and were prone to hideous acts of violence and unnatural acts with animals and human beings.
The ancient texts throw light on how the Nephilim lived on Earth and created chaos and destruction.
At one point, they began having prophetic dreams of Armageddon, as fear swept through their hearts.
According to the texts, the first of the Nephilim to have such prophetic dreams was Mahway, the titan son of the angel Barakel.
According to his dream, a huge tablet was submerged underwater, as the tablet surfaces only three names are left.
This is believed to symbolize the Great Flood and eventual distribution of all but Noah’s sons.

2000 years old ancient manuscript suggests that giants lived on Earth

The Book of Giants

The Book of the Giants was translated and published in not less than six or seven languages.
From the original Syriac the Greek and Middle Persian versions were made. The Sogdian edition was probably derived from the Middle Persian, the Uygur from the Sogdian.
The book may have existed in Coptic.
The Book of Giants is incomplete and offers a different perspective about the Nephilim.
According to the ancient text, the Giants -The Nephilim became aware that due to their violent ways, they may face an imminent destruction.
They asked Enoch to speak on their behalf to God.

Book of Giants —Reconstructed Texts mentions that giants lived on Earth

A summary statement of the descent of the wicked angels, bringing both knowledge and havoc.

They knew the secrets. Sin was great in the earth and they killed many. They begat giants.

The angels exploit the earth.

 everything that the earth produced, the great fish, the sky, with all that grew fruit of the earth and all kinds of grain and the trees, beasts and reptiles creeping things of the earth and they observed all, every harsh deed and utterance male and female, and among humans.

The two hundred angels choose animals on which to perform unnatural acts, including, presumably, humans.

two hundred donkeys, two hundred asses, two hundred rams of the flock, two hundred goats, two hundred beast of the field, from every animal, from every bird for miscegenation.

The outcome of the demonic corruption was violence, perversion, and a brood of monstrous beings.

they defiled. they begot giants and monsters they begot, and, behold, all the earth was corrupted with its blood and by the hand of giants which did not suffice for them and they were seeking to devour many, the monsters attacked it.

flesh of monsters will be, they would arise, lacking in true knowledge because the earth grew corrupt mighty, they were considering, from the angels upon, in the end it will perish and die, they caused great corruption in the earth, this did not suffice to, they will be.

The giants begin to be troubled by a series of dreams and visions.
Mahway, the titan son of the angel Barakel, reports the first of these dreams to his fellow giants.
He sees a tablet being immersed in water.
When it emerges, all but three names have been washed away.
The dream evidently symbolizes the destruction of all but Noah and his sons by the Flood.

 they drenched the tablet in the water, the waters went up over the tablet. they lifted out the tablet from the water of

The giant goes to the others and they discuss the dream.

his vision is for cursing and sorrow. I am the one who confessed the whole group of the castaways that I shall go to the spirits of the slain complaining about their killers and crying out that we shall die together and be made an end of much and I will be sleeping, and bread for my dwelling; the vision and also entered into the gathering of the giants.

Ohya and he said to Mahway without trembling. Who showed you all this vision, my brother? Barakel, my father, was with me. Before Mahway had finished telling what he had seen, said to him, Now I have heard wonders! If a barren woman gives birth

There upon Ohya said to Hahya to be destroyed from upon the earth and the earth. When they wept before the giants .

your strength, There upon Ohya said to Hahya, then he answered, It is not for us but for Azaiel, for he did to the children of angels are the giants, and they would not let all their loved ones be neglected we have not been cast down; you have strength

The giants realize the futility of fighting against the forces of heaven. The first speaker may be Gilgamesh.

I am a giant, and by the mighty strength of my arm and my own great strength anyone mortal, and I have made war against them; but I am not able to stand against them, for my opponents reside in Heaven, and they dwell in the holy places. And not they are stronger than I, of the wild beast has come, and the wild man they call me.

Then Ohya said to him, I have been forced to have a dream the sleep of my eyes vanished, to let me see a vision. Now I know that on Gilgamesh.

Ohya’s dream vision is of a tree that is uprooted except for three of its roots; the vision’s import is the same as that of the first dream.

three of its roots while I was watching, there came they moved the roots into this garden, all of them, and not.

Ohya tries to avoid the implications of the visions. Above he stated that it referred only to the demon Azazel; here he suggests that the destruction isfor the earthly rulers alone.

concerns the death of our souls and all his comrades, and Ohya told them what Gilgamesh said to him and it was said concerning the leader has cursed the potentates and the giants were glad at his words. Then he turned and left.

More dreams afflict the giants. The details of this vision are obscure, but it bodes ill for the giants. The dreamers speak first to the monsters, then to the giants.

There upon two of them had dreams and the sleep of their eye, fled from them, and they arose and came to and told their dreams, and said in the assembly of their comrades the monsters my dream I was watching this very night and there was a garden and gardeners and they were watering two hundred trees and large shoots came out of their root all the water, and the fire burned all the garden. They found the giants to tell them the dream.

Someone suggests that Enoch be found to interpret the vision.

to Enoch the noted scribe, and he will interpret for us the dream. Thereupon his fellow Ohya declared and said to the giants, too had a dream this night, O giants, and, behold, the Ruler of Heaven came down to earth and such is the end of the dream. Thereupon all the giants and monsters grew afraid and called Mahway. He came to them and the giants pleaded with him and sent him to Enoch the noted scribe. They said to him, Go to you, that you have heard his voice. And he said to him, He will and interpret the dreams. how long the giants have to live.

After a cosmic journey Mahway comes to Enoch and makes his request.

he mounted up in the air like strong winds, and flew with his hands like eagles he left behind the inhabited world and passed over Desolation, the great desert and Enoch saw him and hailed him, and Mahway said to him thither and thither a second time to Mahway. The giants await your words, and all the monsters of the earth. If has been carried from the days of their and they will be added we would know from you their meaning two hundred trees that from heaven came down

Enoch sends back a tablet with its grim message of judgment, but with hope for repentance.

 The scribe Enoch a copy of the second tablet that Epoch sent in the very handwriting of Enoch the noted scribe in the name of God the great and holy one, to Shemihaza and all his companions. Let it be known to you that not and the things you have done, and that your wives they and their sons and the wives of their sons by your licentiousness on the earth, and there has been upon you and the land is crying out and complaining about you and the deeds of your children the harm that you have done to it. Until Raphael arrives, behold, destruction is coming, a great flood, and it will destroy all living things and whatever is in the deserts and the seas. And the meaning of the matter upon you for evil. But now, loosen the bonds binding you to evil and pray.

A fragment apparently detailing a vision that Enoch saw.

great fear seized me and I fell on my face; I heard his voice, he dwelt among human beings but he did not learn from them.

Do you really think that giants lived on Earth?

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