Group of motorcyclists in Indonesia are surprised by strange humanoid (may be an Alien)

Recently, a group of motorcyclists toured a forest near Banda Aceh , the westernmost province of Sumatra, Indonesia, when suddenly a strange figure, with human features, but of short stature, emerged from the forest.

Seeing this the first motorcyclist fell to the ground, then the figure stopped on the track, watched the cyclists before fleeing at considerable speed.

Although the motorcyclists followed the figure who was moving barefoot, they were unable to reach it. The figure managed to disappear again into the forest. There has been much speculation that the figure is not a human being.

It has been commented that it could be an alien, or possibly a short adult living alone in the forest, and another theory more accepted is that it could be a member of a mythical tribe of Pygmies that has not been known since 17th century.

The following video has become viral in Indonesia and one wonders what or who is the small figure that suddenly appeared in front of the motorcyclists. A descendant of homo floresiensis , commonly called hobbits?

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