Maury Island UFO Incident

The Maury Island Incident: Exploding UFO, Dog Attacked By UFO, Alien Metal And Warning By Man In Black

On June 27, 1947, a man named Harold Dahl went out on a harbor patrol boat with his son, his dog, and two other men near the east shore of Maury Island in Washington state’s Puget Sound on a particular day, he was out collecting logs that they intended to sell for a salvage price, but his work was interrupted and his attention was drawn to the sky when he purportedly observed six “donut-shaped” things floating about a half-mile above them. This led to the famous Maury Island Incident.

Maury Island

The Maury Island Incident – The UFO Encounter Of Harold Dahl

Illustration of the Incident

Whatever the objects were, they were shining as though made of metal, and they were judged to be rather huge, measuring 100 feet in diameter. This was all rather strange in and of itself, but it took a disturbing turn when one of the strange objects dropped from the sky, and Dahl noticed it had what appeared to be portholes down the side and even an observation deck. The incident was a start of a very strange early UFO case involving aliens, conspiracies, and the infamous Men in Black.

As the strange thing continued to fall, it appeared as if it was on a collision course with the boat, and Dahl began fleeing, eventually making his way to shore, where he continued to view the surreal chain of events unfolding over the ocean. He supposedly photographed the unusual craft, and then something happened to add to the strangeness.

At some point, another of the UFOs descended to join the first one that had descended and appeared to dock with it in some way. However, whatever the ships were doing appears to have failed, as a horrific sequence of events ensues.

Horrific Turns Of Event At Maury Island

Dahl claimed that a sudden loud boom occurred, and one of the ships began spewing white metal fragments, followed by an explosion of what appeared to be “lava boulders” that hissed and steamed as they hit the water and flew everywhere. Several of these shards of dark stuff were apparently hurled toward the witnesses, showering down on them, with one hurting Dahl’s son and another killing his dog.

Following this, the objects flew away, leaving the startled spectators reeling. They immediately returned to their regular pier, discovering that the radio was still operating and disposing of the dead dog along the way, and Dahl wasted no time in informing his supervisor, Fred Crisman, of the bizarre occurrence. The supervisor was first suspicious, but after viewing Dahl’s photographs, he became intrigued.

Crisman supposedly afterward traveled to Maury Island to witness the sight for himself, and while there, he claimed to have seen one of the UFOs that he had the sensation was following him. From there, the incident only grew stranger.

The Man In Black Encounter Of Harold Dahl

Dahl claims that someone paid him a visit at his home the morning following the incident. It was an unfamiliar man dressed in a black suit, with a large black Buick parked on the street ahead of him. The guy offered Dahl to join him for breakfast, which Dahl accepted for some reason, and they ended up in a local restaurant.

As they ate, the man began retelling the story of Dahl’s disappearance in exact detail, which surprised him because it was almost as if he had been there. The black-suited man then issued a stark warning to Dahl not to discuss any of it with anyone, threatening that if he did, bad things would happen to him and his family. The mysterious man then drove away in his enigmatic vehicle, leaving Dahl shaking in fear and disbelief. This is widely believed to be the earliest report of one of the enigmatic Men in Black.

Despite the severe warning, Dahl and Crisman pursued publication of their story, sending images and fragments of the odd white metal to a Chicago publisher named Ray Palmer, who sent the account to UFO investigator Kenneth Arnold. Arnold eagerly made preparations to visit Dahl and Crisman directly after hearing this ridiculous narrative, flying down to Washington with a pilot called E.J. Smith.

They felt sure that Dahl and Crisman were speaking the truth after hearing their testimonies and studying the alleged UFO fragments, and contacted Federal officials about it all. In July 1947, two intelligence officers from the United States Army Air Force, Captain Lee Davidson, and First Lieutenant Frank Brown, were assigned to conduct their own investigation into the matter, interviewing the two witnesses before returning to their base at Hamilton Field, California aboard a B-25 aircraft, allegedly carrying samples of the UFO’s material. However, they did not make it as their plane collided near Centralia, and Washington, killing both of them.

Conclusion Of The Maury Island Incident – Hoax Or Cover Up

Eventually, the government rejected the entire “Maury Island Incident” as a hoax, claiming that the metal recovered was simply aluminum and that the men were merely staging a PR stunt. It didn’t help that Dahl later admitted it was all a fraud, but he had previously stated that he intended to say it was a hoax if questioned by police in order to get them off his back, making it difficult to determine whether or not it was a sincere confession.

Dahl subsequently retracted his confession in a 1950 issue of Fate Magazine, claiming that the incident was not a prank. As spectacular as all of this talk of exploding UFOs and Men in Black was, it did not garner widespread attention until 1956 when UFO researcher Gray Barker wrote about it in the 1956 book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, which helped propel both it and the shadowy Men in Black into the public consciousness.

The administration maintained that the B-52 bomber crash was a tragic and unrelated accident and that its connection to the Maury Island Incident was purely coincidental. Naturally, conspiracy theories abound, the most prominent of which being that the government did discover something and that the accident was staged to erase the investigators and their evidence.

This fits in with Dahl’s account of a weird black-suited visitor, and it’s difficult not to conclude that the time of the crash and its victims, as well as Paul Lance’s inexplicable death, are more than coincidental. Whatever occurred here, it remains an unsolved case, a story of intrigue and machinations, and an odd early description of the Men in Black.

Harold Dahl observed six “donut-shaped” things floating about a half-mile above them. This led to the famous Maury Island Incident.

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