Indian Illuminati: Nine Unknown Men (Possessors of Incredible Knowledge)

The tradition of the Nine Unknowns goes back to the mythical Ashoka, emperor of the Indies – key figure of ancient sacred India, he pacified a vast empire under the Buddhist religion from 273 BCE.(Indian Illuminati)

Son of Kshatriya – caste of noble warriors – born to manage his kingdom by force and trained in the arts of war, “Ashoka undertook the conquest of the Kalinga country which extended from Calcutta to Madras. The Kalinganans resisted and lost a hundred thousand men in the battle. The sight of this slaughtered multitude shocked Ashoka. He took the war abhorrent forever. He renounced the pursuit of the integration of enemy countries, declaring that true conquest consists in winning the hearts of men by the law of duty and piety. For the Sacred Majesty desires all animate beings to enjoy security, self-determination, peace and happiness. Convert to Buddhism. Ashoka, by the example of his virtues, spread this religion throughout the Indies and throughout his empire, which extended as far as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Ceylon. Then Buddhism went to Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia. Ashoka, however, respected all religious sects. Promoting vegetarianism, he made the sacrifices disappear. Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that pile in the columns of history, the name of Ashoka shines almost alone, like a star. ” (Indian Illuminati)

In a striking way, the noble and peaceful Ashoka reminds us of another emperor of the East and Indies, the illustrious Rama who reigned two millennia earlier on an even larger empire , and who might well have served as a model for the Emperor Ashoka … or to his literary inventors. Rama the Enchanter could have inflicted too – why not? – the historical Buddha, also son of Prince, also raised as a warrior, who also suddenly renounces all violence and all his earthly possessions, as Rama did withdrawing to Tibet under the name / title of Lama. Be that as it may, Ashoka had placed himself under the protection of famous models.

“It is said that instructed by the horrors of war, the Emperor Ashoka always wished to forbid men the evil use of intelligence. Under his reign, the science of nature, past and future, enters the secret. Research going from the structure of matter to the techniques of collective psychology will now be concealed, and for twenty-two centuries, behind the mystical face of a people that the world no longer thinks of anything but ecstasy and the supernatural. Ashoka founds the most powerful secret society of the earth:(Indian Illuminati)




Imagination sees the power of secrets that can hold nine men directly benefiting from the experiments, works, documents accumulated for more than two tens of centuries. What are the goals of these men? Do not let the means of destruction fall into profane hands. Pursue beneficial research for humanity. These men would be renewed by cooptation to keep the technical secrets from the distant past. The Nine Unknowns would use a synthetic language. Each of them would be in possession of a constantly rewritten book containing the detailed exposition of a science.

 “The first of these books would be devoted to propaganda techniques and psychological warfare.  as well as the electronic techniques of controlling the thoughts of a subject or a crowd.”

“The second book would be devoted to physiology. It would notably provide the means of killing a man by touching him, death occurring by inversion of the nerve impulse. “ It would also give all known techniques of pressure on different points of the body to cause unconsciousness, death or chronic lesions. He would add, of course, all the means to heal these troubles, including the resurrection techniques.

“The third would study microbiology, including protective colloids. “ It would look especially genetics, and it also would detail the wave mechanisms that repair organs and living tissues. It would also include a complete treatise on Sonology , or the science of the virtues and properties of sound in the different frequency ranges.

“The fourth deals with transmutation of metals” and their secret properties such as hydrophilicity and hydrophobia, which have played a central role in the construction of ultrafast vessels . Atlanteans are said to have invented alchemy – why not? – they invented everything! In any case, since then, Ashoka’s Nine Unknowns keep the secret of alchemical gold … but not always: “A legend has it that in times of scarcity, temples and relief agencies receive from secret sources of great quantity of a very fine gold. “

“The fifth would include the study of all means of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. “ It deals with the transportation of people and goods, including teleportation – it also lists the ancient and current media-including those we do not yet know. “The sixth would contain the secrets of gravitation. “The Gravitologie, other science invented by the Atlanteans, allows to remove their weight to the heaviest loads, potentially helping them to build cyclopean walls and other pyramids.




“The seventh would be the largest cosmogony conceived by our humanity” There are large traces in the cosmogony of the American Indians and especially in the theory of knowledge described by Carlos Castaneda, a model to which I have often referred in these pages.

“The eighth would deal with light. “ More broadly, it would be dedicated to the operational mode subtle cosmo-telluric energy, including atmospheric energy and nerve impulses that the Atlanteans associate with electricity and they called Vril energy or simply pril.

“The ninth book would identify all the techniques to achieve enlightenment, also called enlightenment. “Some of these techniques with the disadvantage to the applicant to finish grilled or zombified by black magicians, using mind control techniques described in the first book. He would enumerate Trepanation, Ayahuasca potions, and various electroshocks, including lightning. He would also present Fulgurology, a science to which we know nothing yet.

“Apart from religious, social, political, resolutely and perfectly concealed agitations, the Nine Inconnu embody the image of a serene science, of a science with conscience. Myth or reality ? Super myth anyway, come from the depths of time, and surf of the future. “(Indian Illuminati)

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