Portal on the water leaves swimmers in Lake of California surprised

A group of swimmers in California were surprised after discovering a mysterious hole that appeared in Lake Berryessa, which was shared on social networks, while they wondered if they had found a “portal to hell”.(Portal on the water)

«Portal on the water» leaves swimmers in Lake of California surprised

The video was published on Reddit, where it gained great popularity. The clip currently has more than 150,000 views and has left viewers terrified.(Portal on the water)

One comment read: “Why is there a giant hole in the middle of the lake where people swim, and why is not there a rope?”

Another said: “That seems very insecure.”

And a third added: “Right there is the portal to Hell.”

However, the giant hole was actually an artificial spillway, also known as Glory Hole.

The tunnel is used to drain the lake and prevent it from overflowing.

Lake Berryessa can hold about 521 billion gallons of water before the excess begins to flow into the spillway.

Credit: SG

The Glory Hole drains all the excess water.

In 1997, the swimmer Emily Schwalek died after being dragged by Glory Hole.

It was reported that the Schwalek was swimming towards an open hole and spent 20 minutes holding onto the edge before disappearing from sight.

Last year, the Lake Berryessa reservoir reached its maximum capacity for the first time in 11 years.

This comes after a bottomless crater was discovered in Siberia.(Portal on the water)

The images of the crater have been seen almost 1.5 million times on YouTube and the Internet has been bombarded with rumors about what would have caused the giant hole.

Credit: SG

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that it was caused by a UFO or extraterrestrial life, while others have said it was made by a meteor that hit Earth.(Portal on the water)

Another theory suggests that global warming caused the explosion.

Speaking to The Siberian Times , a government official said it was too early to say what caused the hole, but ruled out that it was a meteorite.

The official said: “We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite. There are still no details ».

A report by the Russian news channel Zvezda TV said that the dark color of the crater indicates “some temperature processes.”

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