The Inscriptions On The Great Pyramids And The Roswell UFO Were Same

The Inscriptions On The Great Pyramids And The Roswell UFO Were Same

The Great Pyramids have been a popular tourist attraction since their discovery due to their precise construction and the fact that who built them is still unknown. Many people connect the erection of the pyramids with ancient aliens. The Great Pyramids are the only wonder of the ancient world that is still standing there without any damage.

The Great Pyramids
The Great Pyramids

They are also said to have some sort of connection with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. There is a simple theory given by most historians that states that the pyramids were built as tombs. However on the other hand some speculate that these mysterious building were erected by pharaohs for safeguarding some sort of their rituals or mysteries.

The true purpose of the pyramids remains a mystery to the modern world. In 1943, four unexplained marks were discovered on the Great Pyramid of Khufu’s entryway. Until now, the carvings’ actual purpose and meaning have remained a mystery.

The Mysterious Symbols Of The Great Pyramids

At the foot of the ancient Khufu pyramid’s main entrance lies a mysterious inscription etched in an unfathomable “code” that looks like the letters “VOEO.” This mysterious symbol was initially discovered in 1934 by French Egyptologist M. Andre Pochan, who saw it engraved in early-style symbols in the enormous stone lintel above the Great Pyramid’s original gateway.

These 4 symbols are found at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu
These 4 symbols are found at the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Khufu

However, other academics argue that these inscriptions date from after the Egyptian empire and may allude to a different topic. Even though its origin and purpose are unknown, it is certain that this inscription holds a great mystery. Many historians state that the engravings on the pyramid and the symbols engraved on the debris of the UFO crash from Rowell, New Mexico were similar. So, does that mean the ancient Egyptians had contact with aliens, or is it just a coincidence?

The Enigmatic Origin Of The Tetragrammaton At The Great Pyramid

It is believed that the tetragrammaton carved onto the gateway of the Great Pyramid is of Berber origin. The Tetragrammaton, or Tetragram, is the four-letter Hebrew theonym, the name of God in Judaism and Christianity. Whereas Berbers are a North African ethnic group, their origins may be tracked back to before 6,000 B.C. People from North Africa who speak Berber languages, which are part of the Afro-Asiatic language family, are called “Berbers.” The name Imazighen means “free men,” and that is what they identify themselves as.

It is estimated that between 58 and 75 million individuals in Morocco, Algeria, and the Siwa Oasis in Egypt are native speakers of these languages. However, the Tuareg, who are largely nomads in the Sahara Desert, are also included here. So, these symbols, which are ancient and mysterious, are the only ones of their kind on the ancient pyramid and can’t be found anywhere else on Egyptian monuments. As per Juan Jesus Vallejo’s “Brief History of Ancient Egypt”, the inscriptions are made up of four letters that go from left to right.

The 33 letters of the Neo-Tifinagh alphabet
The 33 letters of the Neo-Tifinagh alphabet

“V, a circle divided by a transverse line, parallel horizontal stripes and at the end another circle divided by two vertical lines. Translating the four characters is not easy as they can be read from right to left or vice versa. Furthermore, no one is quite sure how spoken language words were written thousands of years ago. But its roots remained in the modern Berber languages ​​of North Africa, and it is with the help of these “embryos” that its original meaning can be achieved.

The values ​​of the inscription, from left to right, are the letters D, B, Q, and B. They form two words whose root is DB and QB. The phonemes obtained after this operation are dubba and ikbut. The first of the words means “take care of yourself” or the colloquial expression “accept things as they are.” The second word, ikbut, is significant in itself, as its literal translation means “the dome covering the tomb of a holy man.”

The current Berber religion is Muslim, therefore understanding the true meaning of these expressions requires first realizing that the meanings of the terms above have been Islamized. Nevertheless, if we extend its significance from thousands of years ago, we can deduce that some divine soul or some godly person was buried in the Great Pyramid.

Map To The Hidden Chambers Of The Great Pyramids

It is only through a thorough investigation of the symbols that some of the most mysterious truths may be gleaned. The fact that it is described as a “dome that hides the grave of a holy man” places the presumed burial site of this unknown individual quite near to the pyramid’s apex. However, this is by no means the only piece of evidence that supports the hypothesis that the pyramid includes multiple secret rooms. This theory is slowly but surely being proven out by modern research that utilises cosmic ray detectors.

Great Pyramids of Giza entrance 
Great Pyramid of Giza entrance 

Connection Of The Great Pyramids With Ancient Aliens

We have a proven theory that thousands of years ago, people on earth used symbols in order to communicate amongst themselves. However, believers in the ancient astronaut idea argue that the ancient gods came to Earth to teach mankind and create civilized nations that continue to worship “gods” today. It is believed that these alleged gods imparted knowledge and a language by which ancient man developed.

Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien

In the pre-dynastic Egyptian lists, these gods are referred to as kings who reigned over the Egyptians for hundreds and thousands of years, imparting wisdom and thus creating a developed kingdom. What if this text was left behind by the ancient gods? What if these deities turned out to be aliens with superior technology?

Roswell UFO Hieroglyphics And The Symbols On The Great Pyramids

In the famous Roswell event that took place in July 1947, a UFO crashed in New Mexico’s Roswell, and when military personnel arrived at the scene, they were surprised to find numerous unusual bits. Among the debris of the UFO, there was an enigmatic artifact that surprised the military officials.

“We started collecting debris. Many of them had hard-to-read engraved numbers and hieroglyphs. None of the wreckage burned. I tried to burn the metal, but it was impossible to ignite. It looked like the leaf of a pack of cigarettes. I tried to break it with a 16-pound hammer and failed. General Raimi warned me that I should keep quiet about the incident.”

Major Jesse Marcel, one of the soldiers working on the investigation of the Roswell UFO crash

After many years had passed since the famous UFO crash, Jesse Marcel Jr. revealed that his father had brought some of the crash debris for his mother and him to see in the middle of the night. Amongst the debris, Marcel Jr. was particularly enamored with a little pole engraved with hieroglyphics. Until his death in 2013, Marcel Jr. insisted that everything in this narrative was factual.

Artifact from the Roswell UFO crash
Artifact from the Roswell UFO crash

The Roswell stick’s etched symbols are very similar to those that adorn the Great Pyramid’s entryway, so there’s something more to keep in mind. In many other encounters with UFOs, witnesses have stated that these “hieroglyphics” were engraved on the body of the UFO. Both the artifact and the pyramids come from very distinct times and locations.

Is this another indication that the ancient Egyptians had contact with extraterrestrials who only gave the ancient Egyptians advanced technologies? In many other encounters with UFOs, witnesses have stated that these “hieroglyphics” were engraved on the body of the UFO.


The architecture of the Great Pyramids is seen as a wonder by the modern world. It seems to be impossible with modern technologies to build such a huge structure with pinpoint accuracy. There are many myths and theories that have revolved around the pyramids. Some believe that these pyramids were engraved with inscriptions that indicated the formulas of sciences, rituals, as well as the mysteries and truths of ancient Egypt.

The Great Pyramids And Their Extraterrestrial Connection
The Great Pyramids And Their Extraterrestrial Connection

Historians also believe that the inscriptions could reveal the future and past events. But with time, these inscriptions have worn out. Some believe that these pyramids have a lot of secret chambers, which once found could reveal many mysteries and even have treasures. However, we know very little about these Great Pyramids, so for now we can only adore their beauty and work further to find the secrets of the Pyramids.

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