Red Yeti

US Soldiers Encountered Red Yeti-Like Creatures In Vietnam War

A Reddit user recently shared a curious story about the Red Yeti, which was allegedly told to him by his father, who previously served in the US Army and participated in the Vietnam War.

“Our ancestors have always shared the planet with other types of people, our cousins, such as Neanderthals, Homo erectus, “hobbits” from the island of Flores, Australopithecus, Denisovans, and others,” he began his story with these words.

“Only 50,000 years ago there were several species of people, we only recently became the only species. However, the more I learn about the history of our species, about how many different ape-like creatures lived in antiquity and how many lost places in the forests and the jungle, the more I understand that I would not be surprised if some ancient hominin who survived to this day did not live there.

I personally know two trustworthy people who have seen with their own eyes an unknown species of great apes. One of them is my father, who during the war saw “orangutans” in the wilds of the uninhabited jungle on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Everyone knows that orangutans are not found in those places, they live only on the territory of two island states – Malaysia and Indonesia. But my father is sure that he saw creatures that looked very much like orangutans – they were about 150 cm tall, muscular, and covered with red hair like orangutans.

At that time, he did not know anything about the habitat of orangutans and did not know that what he saw should not exist. Thus, he either saw Vietnamese orangutans or some undiscovered species of other primates.

We contacted his friend, with whom the father served in the same platoon, and he confirmed that they actually saw these creatures.

It was in a remote and uninhabited area of ​​Vietnam that had probably never been visited by humans up to that point. The war has changed everything and I fear that these creatures may have already died. And this is just one example of large primate species that go unnoticed by science, at least Western.

We know that the Neanderthals and “hobbits” of Flores lived about 40 thousand years ago, according to fossil finds, but this does not mean that they all died out then. And that ties in with the sheer number of people who claim to have seen Bigfoot.”

Another Reddit user responded to this story by saying that he had also heard the same thing from another Vietnam veteran:

“He said that he was warned not to feed these creatures, because they get used to it and will be very angry when the food is over. But he did not listen and gave them his ration anyway. And then one of them got angry and attacked him. 

He also described them as looking like orangutans. He said they all thought they were just orangutan monkeys. It wasn’t until years later that he realized they weren’t orangutans at all when he saw real orangutans at the zoo.”

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