Scientists can’t explain the sighting of a triangular UFO over Siberia

A mysterious light formation has been seen in daylight over northern Siberia. The strange sighting of a triangular UFO over Siberia was videotaped in a parking lot near a shopping center in Tomsk, Russia. Scientists, who generally rule out such sightings, have been baffled by images of UFOs, amid growing speculation about their origins.

In the 15-second video, three mysterious bright dots lined up in a triangle over Siberia appear to be moving in formation. The person who witnessed the incident told Russian media that they saw the UFOs on April 6 . The images, which went viral across Russia, immediately led many netizens to speculate whether the sighting was a true UFO. 

Tatyana Galushina, a professor of astronomy at Tomsk State University, explained that she and her colleagues did not agree on what exactly the video shows.

“This is certainly not a natural phenomenon, but if a person actually recorded an incomprehensible phenomenon and wanted to find out what it is, they would have given more information or recorded longer, etc.” continued the teacher. “The problem is that it is difficult to draw reliable conclusions from this video.”

“The main theory is that it is something illuminated by the sun ,” Professor Galushina told Sputnik News . “It could be balloons, paper lanterns, or even quadcopters.”

Galushina also suggested that the video could be a hoax or potentially a glare from the camera. Additionally, to add further mystery to the sighting, it occurred during harsh coronavirus quarantine measures.

triangular UFO over Siberia

Meanwhile, users on social media have offered various theories to explain the sighting, with some suggesting that it was a UFO of extraterrestrial somehow related to the coronavirus pandemic , while others were more skeptical and claimed, in particular, that they were simply “Three drones”.

But conspiracy theorists recalled that last year Russian President Vladimir Putin sent the military to investigate a mysterious object that crashed into a mountain near the Bureya river in eastern Siberia, causing a landslide. of earth and rocks. The conspiranoids are convinced that all these incidents are related to the coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.

What do you think about the UFO sighting in Siberia? Is it of extraterrestrial origin? Is it related to the coronavirus pandemic? Or do you have another explanation?

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