Loch Raven Reservoir Incident: Heat Released From UFO Changed Skin Tone And Caused Partial Blindness

Loch Raven Reservoir serves as the source of drinking water for the city of Baltimore. However, the natural reservoir captured a lot of attention, and the light was brought due to the incident which emerged as the Loch Raven Reservoir Incident, when two young men spotted a UFO flying over it emitting a strong light that turned them blind for a brief period of time.

On October 26, 1958, two men were driving through Towson when they passed by Loch Raven Reservoir. Unexpectedly, the friends witnessed something that looked like a big egg appear over a bridge. As they moved closer, their car came to an abrupt stop.

Loch Raven Reservoir
Loch Raven Reservoir

They saw the object hovering for a while, and a strange flash of light accompanied by a sound and burst of heat was witnessed by them. Next, the object disappeared into the sky and the Loch Raven reservoir incident remains inexplicable even to this day. 

What Really Happened During The Incident?

The young men crossed the bridge at night while taking a drive and noticed an enormous, egg-shaped, iridescent object which suddenly emerged in front of them over the bridge. The boys tried to slow down the car and as they got closer to the mysterious object, their car stopped abruptly.  There was no ignition, no engine activity, and no headlights; it was as if the vehicle had perished from fear. Or, most likely, the entire electrical system failed for unknown reasons.

“We saw what appeared to be a large, flat sort of egg-shaped object hanging between 100 to 150 feet of the top of the superstructure of the bridge over the lake.”

“We watched the UFO from that position for approximately 30 to 40 seconds, and then I’m not sure of the sequence of events here. It seemed to flash a brilliant flash of white light, and we both felt heat on our faces. Concurrently, there was a loud noise that I interpreted as a dull explosion and Mr Small as a thunderclap. Then very quickly the object started to rise vertically. It didn’t change its position, as far as we could tell, during the rising. The only different feature it had while it was moving was that it was very bright and the edges became diffused so that we couldn’t make out the shape as it rose. It took from five to ten seconds to disappear from view completely. We were very frightened.”

Alvin and Philip sat in their stalled automobile, scared, as a massive burst of brilliant white light briefly filled their range of vision. Shortly after the brief burst of light, Alvin and Phillip’s faces began to redden and heat up as they were assaulted by a tremendously loud roar. As the vision of the young men was impaired, they immediately felt that they had just witnessed a major explosion.

Loch Raven Dam
Loch Raven Dam

As their vision returned, they observed the unusual egg-shaped object ascending back into the sky. Within five seconds, it disappeared entirely. The entire incident probably lasted less than one minute. After several attempts, Alvin and Phillip were finally able to start the engine, and they were on their way.

The alarming incident compelled both the friends to get in touch with the Towson Police Department. Two police officers came to the place and the witnesses told them about the most bizarre minute of their life. After submitting the report, the guys eagerly awaited an update. However, the sole response was that the report had been given to the United States Air Force for inquiry.

The young guys decided to submit their findings to the Ground Observer Corps. However, the incident was not taken seriously by the officials.  Phillip was heavily impacted and repeatedly asked the Corps and locals if anyone had witnessed a similar event. They were informed that the item was a Navy Blimp, but they did not accept this explanation.

“There was no place to run. We probably would’ve if we could’ve but we were terrified at what we saw.”

Small and Cohen on Loch Raven Reservoir Incident

The Credibility of the Incident

A group of investigators called the “National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena” visited the site and examined the situation, concluding that the incident was really unusual.

“It’s what’s later going to be called a real-close encounter,” Eghigian said. “The idea that would grab attention is … they are very, very close to this thing. It’s not up in the sky miles away.”


The incident was also examined by the Air Force, and the lieutenant stated that:

“Both SMALL and COHEN appeared to be well educated and spoke in an intelligent manner. They seemed sincere and they indicated that they did not want publicity.”

Air Force Eghigian on Loch Raven Reservoir Incident

The lieutenant then interrogated several witnesses, including a 16-year-old boy and two restaurant workers who reported seeing identical luminous objects at the same time and place. The restaurant staff also heard the same loud boom that Cohen and Small described as an explosion and a thunderclap, respectively.

It was also observed that allegedly a tremendous heat wave emitted from the UFO caused their faces to burn. They proceeded to St. Joseph’s Hospital to discover whether or not the burns were caused by radiation.


The hospital conducted a perfunctory checkup before discharging the men. The Baltimore Sun reported in December of that year that Small stated that his wife and coworkers had observed the change in the hue of his face.

“It can be assumed that the sighting did actually occur.”

Air Force Investigator

Well, the mystery of the Loch Raven Reservoir incident has not been solved even after 60 years, share your views with us in the comment section.

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