The UFO Told Pilot That It Was From Another Galaxy And Had Friendly Intentions

The Eyeball Shaped UFO: Chased A Plane, Communicated With The Pilot, And Performed Impossible Maneuvers.

The strange Eyeball Shaped UFO incident occurred on November 4, 1968, on a route from London to Alicante, and was witnessed by the pilot, the co-pilot, a flight mechanic, and a stewardess.

Crew commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres was an Air Force officer for 40 years, he piloted King Juan Carlos de Borbón’s plane, he was a fighter pilot in the Sahara, and director of an aviation school. In a nutshell, he was a very experienced pilot with combat experience and who can be classified as a high-level professional who flew more than 28,000 hours.

However, what he was going to experience that day flying an Iberia Caravelle (IB 0249) would surpass everything he had seen in the air up to that point.

When the plane was flying near Sagunto (Valencia), it descended in height, bumping into a crest of clouds and noticing some turbulence. At that moment, a huge light approached at great speed and on a collision course, causing logical fear in the plane’s cabin. But it stopped about thirty feet from the Caravelle’s nose. The object remained there for a few minutes, maintaining such a distance, but making turns and movements from one side to the other.

The Sighting Of A Eyeball Shaped UFO: Are UFOs Living Creatures?

At this point, the experienced Torres took the microphone to speak to control on the emergency channel and told Barcelona that they had unidentified traffic in sight. According to his description, “the light resembled a very large human eye, with two lateral lights of a grayish color.” Likewise, it had something like “veins” through which “a kind of liquid” circulated and pulsated, just as if it were a living organism.

The appearance of the Eyeball shaped UFO according to Torres.
The appearance of the UFO according to Torres.

After calling the stewardess to have another witness of what they were witnessing, the pilot tried something with the intention of communicating with that strange object… or thing. He established a simple code of lights where one change meant a positive response and two, a negative.

“Every time we changed the light, it did the same thing. If we turned on the lights, It turned on too. It was clear that it was talking to us », he declared.

According to the commander, he asked about 20 questions, the first three being: “Are you from this galaxy?”, “Do you have friendly intentions?”, and “Are you a manned ship?” The UFO answered these first questions in the affirmative, with a single flash of lights.

Depiction Of Eyeball Shaped UFO Encounter

After this kind of telepathic address, the object disappeared towards the African continent at the same impossible speed at which it appeared.

The Investigation Of The UFO Case Of Pilot Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres

One day after landing and making a pact of silence with his crew so as not to be treated as crazy, the pilot was summoned by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Aleu Padreni, who at that time was in charge of the warning and control network in the area. from Barcelona.

“The lieutenant colonel asked me a lot about the UFO encounter. At that time, the military was very open and informed me that the Air Force commander was aware of what had happened and that the air surveillance radars of Siesta, Samba, Kansas, Embargo and even Seville had detected three unknown objects that had been moving in unison with my plane for a while,” Torres said. “They showed me the radar data and I even asked to be given this paper copy of the data — including the conversation with the object — and they gave it to me on the condition that this information not be released.”

Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres.
Commander Juan Ignacio Lorenzo Torres.

However, after the incident began to leak to the press, Lieutenant Colonel Ugarte, along with another soldier, appeared at the pilot’s house in Madrid and demanded that he immediately give him “what he had and was not his.”. But it was too late and the incident went beyond secrecy, and the press finally found out.

The case was made official. An investigator was appointed in this case, and the press was told (in an official note) that the crew of Flight IB 0249 had simply seen “the planet Venus.”

Living UFOs From Other World

But if we stick to what the witnesses reported for this case, Venus does not rise, fall, approach, move away or perform direct or parabolic maneuvers. Movements that this flying “human eye” made before establishing communication with light signals.

“I have been flying since I was seventeen years old and I know that the human body cannot withstand G-forces greater than 5. If this limit is exceeded, loss of consciousness occurs. It doesn’t matter what anti-gravity suit you’re wearing,” Torres said. “This object violated all the laws of physics. He would fly at right angles and draw hyperbolas, and parabolas, then suddenly jump from one point to another. It was crazy.”

In subsequent statements, the commander admitted that he did not believe in UFOs until he had this experience, now assuring that “they” are here, in our skies.

“Considering what they are, the unattainable and incomprehensible technological capabilities they have, I have no doubt that these are spacecraft from other worlds. Will the day come when our civilization realizes that we are being visited by intelligent and super-technological beings? I hope that one day we will stick our heads out of the hole and abandon the current ostrich policy”, he concluded.

What do you think about the Eyeball Shaped UFO?


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  1. The missing link to a lot of these findings are, the encounters are demons. They shape shift as they please. They are from the spiritual realm to do the work of Satan. In fact we as human are spiritual beings as well but we are having a human experience through these earthly vessels. Spiritual beings can’t die but the flesh can. From which hell was created for Satan and the rest of the fallen. But since sin was activated here on earth by Adam and Eve. And To restore that once was right standing with the true and living God. We have to accept God into our hearts through the free will He has given unto us. And the ONLY way to be so is by accepting Jesus, His son as our Lord and Savior. God loves you that’s why He’s warning you through me this thing is deep, but the choice is yours to make. Choose life which is Jesus and live or stay in a condemned state which is death and die.

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