Mysterious Tale of Astronaut Lost In Space For 27 Years: Finally Returns Back In 2001

Back in 2001, an interesting story came into light which generated a world-wide excitement and curiousity. It is believed that John Smith, a young astronaut got lost in space in the year 1973, and eventually made a public appearance in the year 2001.

In October 1973, a satellite was disguised as a spaceship by the Pentagon and John was sent into space with the purpose of studying the orbital space. For the initial three days, things turned out as they were expected to be.

However, on the forth day, the orientation system of the ship failed, due to which the satellite carrying John got stuck in the field of radiation belts which created an adverse impact on both his body and the electronics.

NASA Astronauts (Astronaut Lost In Space)
NASA Astronauts

Despite the several attempts of NASA, the astronaut could not be rescued. All the efforts went into vain and the communication was cut off. The incident shocked the entire team of NASA, nevertheless the Head of Department acted all cool, and directed the team to forget whatever took place, as if nothing ever happened. The launch of satellite was considered as unsuccessful and the astronaut was declared dead due to the result of unsuccessful test launch.

Everyone remained silent and pretended that no such happening took place. However, in 2001, an astronaut from Fiji noticed a strange object in orbit at an altitude of 470 kilometers. Upon noticing a strange object in the orbit, the amateur astronaut contacted NASA and informed them about the discovery.

Once NASA recieved the information, they immediately sent the radio telescopes to that point. After the object was examined, the leadership looked into the archives and figured out that it was the missing ship of John Smith.

The rescusing team tried to contact the satellite, however no connection could be established. It was eventually decided to remove the satellite from the orbit as it reaches the optimum altitude. In 2001, the team managed to descend the satellite and when the capsule opened, what the team saw next shocked everyone.

Inside the capsule, they found the astronaut who was lost in the space in 1973, though the astronaut was found unconscious due to the low temperature of capsule. When the temeprature began to stabilize, the astronaut showed the signs of life. Doctors were called and professionals in cryogenic medicine arrived at the scene and gave medical treatment to Smith.

Over time, it became apparent that it was not the original John Smith, but a duplicate. Doctors suspected it when they started to examine the patient’s medical history. For instance, the record indicated that Smith showed signs of a childhood rib injury, but nothing similar was detected with the arriving astronaut. In addition, Smith’s friends reported that he struggled with advanced mathematics, but the newcomer completed the most complex instances with ease.

Other physiological variations were discovered. In the new Smith’s body, the heart was located on the right side, although this was not the case for the old Smith. In addition, the astronaut’s notebook had 100 pages, 50 of which were filled with characters that have never been seen on Earth.

Lost in Space
Lost in Space

Experts advised that he was not a man at all, but rather some kind of humanoid species with no connection to astronaut John Smith. Then, a curious occurrence occurred: a few days later, he vanished. Others believe that the United States has entirely classified all information concerning him and that the astronaut has been concealed.

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The information in the article is based on extensive research and theories developed by renowned conspiracy theorists. However, in the event of a discrepancy, the Infinity explorers’ team shall not be held liable.

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