Mysterious circles appear in the sand of a Brazilian beach after several UFO sightings

On Tuesday, May 27, at around 7:30 p.m. local time, two colored spheres were observed, varying between gold and orange, of indeterminate size, crossing the sky of the Brazilian coast between Magistério and Torres. 
Before disappearing, they caused a kind of soundless explosion , they lit up the few clouds that existed at the time. 
It was for a few seconds, but enough to baffle those who witnessed the incident.

The GaúchaZH newspaper spoke to Silvio Scienza, 51, who claimed to have seen two colored spheres that switched between gold and orange in the sky above the beach. 
Journalists also located Mana Bosquetti, who explained that she and her partner saw similar spheres while on the nearby Salinas beach, although they appeared separately. 
Like Scienza, Bosquetti also said that the orbs created an explosion of light before disappearing as they split in half.

“When I saw it, I showed it to my boyfriend ,” Bosquetti said. “Initially, we thought it was a drone. They were in the sea and were not very large, as they moved. The flash was very strong. Soon after, another similar light appeared, but it came from the sea towards Lagoa da Fortaleza. ”

The sightings were reported on the  Cidreira RS Facebook page , where many residents revealed similar sightings . Skeptics suggested that the lights were meteorites, but GaúchaZH contacted Professor Carlos Jung of the Heller & Jung Observatory and the Brazilian Meteorite Monitoring Network (BRAMON) who said there had been no record of meteors since June 23. 
Since no one recorded the sightings with their cameras, it is difficult to offer other ideas such as fireworks or drones.

For his part, Carlos Odone, founder of the Gaucho Ufology Movement, said he received other reports of sightings in the Cidreira region during the same week . 
Ufologist Ademar José Gevaerd confirmed that the coastal area from Tramandai to the north to Araranguá, in the state of Santa Catarina, there were many sightings of UFOs.

“Everything indicates that it is due to the weather, because it was on the coast and in good weather ,” Gevaerd explained. “But there is nothing to fear. These phenomena are harmless. There must be more advanced life forms in the universe and they will likely explore other planets, as we will when we have the technology for that. ”

Mysterious circles

But there are also those who believe that apart from UFO sightings and abductions , there is also a dimensional portal at the site . 
However, on June 24 something more than strange orbs occurred in the skies. 
Luis Ricardo da Silveira managed to take photos of mysterious circles in the sand on the beach, including one much larger than the others. 
Since it is sand, it is difficult to know if the footprints that surrounded them were evidence that they were created by humans. It is unknown how long they were there, but what is clear is that it happened during “UFO Week”.

“It is as if they had dropped a pumpkin on the sand, forming a perfect circle ,  said Silveira. “In our case, it was more than a circle and they were symmetrical and aligned, at an equally perfect distance. I don’t even know if anyone did. ”

Interestingly, no other subsequent UFO sightings or sand circles were recorded in the area, and no one else related the UFOs to the circles. 
The most surprising thing of all is that a national media like GaúchaZH has decided to investigate the incident , which unfortunately continues without explanation. 
Now they are not only circles in the crops, but also circles in the sand. The truth is that it sounds really interesting, we will have to wait to know if it was all a very well-crafted joke or if it is some kind of message for humanity.

What do you think about the mysterious circles in the Brazilian arena? Of extraterrestrial origin? It’s a joke?

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