Exclusive Report By Pentagon’s Chief Ufologist Says Earth Is Being Monitored By A Mothership UFO

Sean Kirkpatrick, the chief Ufologist of the Pentagon and the director of AARO, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, which has been formulated by the US military lately only asserted that:

“There is a possibility that extraterrestrial motherships and smaller probes may be visiting the planets of the solar system.”

Sean Kirkpatrick.

Before being appointed to his current position at AARO, Dr. Kirkpatrick held the position of chief scientist at the Missile and Space Intelligence Center of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Sean Kirkpatrick ( Pentagon )
Sean Kirkpatrick

It is evident that over the years, several anomalies have been witnessed in the sky next to aircraft carriers, fighters, and other military installations. There have been several such encounters in US history. Similar ufological ideologies were expressed by the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), General Glen VanHerck, a while ago only. It was asserted by him that the Pentagon does not entirely rule out the theory that extraterrestrial beings were responsible for the creation of UFOs or UAPs.

In recent times, both the armed services and the researchers who are participating in the “comprehensive study” that is associated with alien anomaly have begun using the term “Unidentified Air Phenomena” or UAP in place of the more common and conventional formulation of “Unidentified Flying Objects” or “UFO.” This term is both more modern and, apparently, more credible.

Evidently, the “chief ufologist of the Pentagon” sought inspiration from Loeb, who’s become famous for defending the theory that the solar system is being traversed by an alien ship known as Oumuamua, which literally translates to “Messenger who arrived first from afar.” Loeb’s theories inspired the “chief ufologist of the Pentagon.” This is the name that has been given to the enigmatic cigar-shaped object that is approximately 400 meters long and was discovered by astronomers from the University of Hawaii in October of 2017.

The trajectory in which that Cigar-shaped object was reaching two specific other worlds that is constellation Virgo or the Unicorn, or the Whale. It reached speeds of approximately one hundred thousand kilometers per hour while in flight. The physical appearance of the object was too complex, it was super bright and shone like metal, had a weird shape, and the most striking feature was that it accelerated as if someone was controlling it.

However, the theories proposed by Loeb and Kirkpatrick get more interesting as in the report, they argued that the mysterious cigar-shaped spaceship, Oumuamua could have been a mother spaceship launching several dozens of ships formulated to explore the Earth and nearby orbit.

“The tactics are not fundamentally different from those used by NASA in their missions.”

Loeb and Kirkpatrick

It’s possible that the enigmatic objects that have been spotted by US Navy pilots on infrared radars are actually automated probes. The alien probes are so small and reflect so little sunlight, probably that is why the current generation of telescopes was unable to detect them when they arrived on Earth.


Nevertheless, it appears that one of them was captured: Loeb, in particular, and eventually the military, who noticed the object kept the details concerning its passage a secret. Relying on the findings of Loeb and his colleague Amir Siraj, on January 8, 2014, a body that was approximately one meter in size and weighed approximately half a tonne infiltrated into the atmosphere of Earth, and on the same day, it fell into the Pacific Ocean close to Papua New Guinea.

At a speed of 216,000 kilometers per hour, the mysterious object was traveling at a speed that was exactly twice as rapid as ‘Oumuamua. Interestingly, this speed is not common for asteroids and meteorites that are moving through space in our solar system. In an article that was submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the researchers, and scientists laid out their assertions and discussed their findings.

However, the publication did not go forward as planned. The United States Space Command (USSC) became involved, presumably because Loeb and Siraj were using data obtained from a spy satellite and tracking stations operated by the Department of Defense. The military is able to control the movement of ballistic missiles and recognize nuclear explosions with the assistance of these bodies. If the data were made public, it would reveal the capabilities of the system.

However all of a sudden, at the beginning of April 2022, Lieutenant General John Shaw, the Deputy Commander of the United States Space Command (USSC), sent over a special and detailed memorandum to NASA and it was acknowledged that scientists had at one point correctly ascertained the object’s speed. The fact that it is so significant, in conjunction with the object’s hyperbolic trajectory, demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that it is not of local origin but rather of interstellar origin.

The location of the point where the object fell to the ground is identified. Loeb and now Kirkpatrick, and who understands, maybe all of AARO, consider this object to be an automatic alien probe. The dimensions of the region that the expedition will be sent to, have been determined by scientists; it will be 10 kilometers by 10 kilometers, which is not so large that success cannot be expected. In addition to that, the object needs to have magnetic properties and consequently, this will make the task simpler.

Within the confines of the “Galileo” research project is where the search will be conducted. The funding for the expedition itself is already at its maximum. Additionally, at the same time, it is expected to locate other probes, such as those that are still floating through space and may still be concealed among the myriad of NEOs, which stand for near-Earth objects.

Certain plans have been envisaged to look for them using the Vera C. Rubin Observatory, which will be prepared with a wide-angle designed to reflect telescope and will begin taking photographs of the sky from the high mountain Cerro Pachon in Chile in 2023. The observatory will be used to search for extraterrestrial life. Aside from that, there is a possibility that the mothership is another object that is currently stationed in the solar system. This object could also be the asteroid 2011 AG5, which passed by the Earth at the beginning of February 2023.

Multiple images obtained from the 70-meter Goldstone Solar System Radar antenna in Southern California revealed that the object had the shape of a cigar and was nearly the same length as Oumuamua, but approximately 600 meters longer. And the course of events altered as well. More information about this wash can be found here. However, that is not the end of it. It’s possible that ships of this kind have already visited our planet in the 1950s.

Declassified UFO photograph
Declassified UFO photograph

A black tri­angle UFO photo­graph from a doc­u­ment previous­ly class­ified by the UK Ministry of Defence. According to the website, the military allegedly attempted to cover the photograph of the UFO by claiming that it could have been “the moon.” Well, clearly it is not a credible statement and is a bit preposterous too.

In an additional effort to conceal the picture of the UFO prior to it being finally revealed to the public, the name of the person who captured the image was removed from the project’s files, as were the majority of the names of those who were associated with it. This was one of the last measures taken before the material was made public.

Even the Pentagon is of the opinion and agrees that there could be a possibility of a mothership monitoring the Earth. Now, the 1950 picture of the cylinder-shaped UFO shows many small probes launched by the mysterious object which is thought to be a “mothership.” This is evidence that the Pentagon was aware of “alien motherships” that send out small probes into the Earth’s atmosphere. The most baffling part is why the Pentagon is speaking of such Motherships now. Is there any big revelation coming up by Pentagon?

Alien mothership UFO( Pentagon )
Alien mothership UFO

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