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Is There A Secret Time Travel Program Of The CIA?

we all have heard or seen about time travel in movies.The following article features all the info regarding the secret time travel program of CIA

We all may have heard of or seen portals or time machines in movies but we never thought they would exist really. Here is all the info we could gather about the secret Time Travel Program Of The CIA.

A large number of Earth’s population thinks that these things only exist in the world of fiction but the following info says something else.

Time Travel Program Of The CIA

Two informants of National Security US Informants told that the department of defense was able to create a fully functional time-traveling machine forty-five years ago.

Near about 1967 the US government ceased the time machine built by none other than Nikola Tesla.

The following technology has been utilized in order to cloak military facilities, further as give political and economic benefits by means of knowing what the future holds. Some claim the Central Intelligence Agency confiscate Tesla’s papers on transportation shortly after his death.

Michael Relfe is a former member of the US armed forces who claimed he was a part of an undercover US operation.

According to Relfe, he spent his first 20 years on one of two US colonies on planet Mars which were sights of secret research and in order to stay undetected they were built there in the future.
Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-1972) that centered on time travel within the time-space exposure.

He knew that the Central Intelligence Agency was actively coaching teams of talented Yankee school children to become the primary generation of time-and-space explorers.

Children were higher suited to this mission for many ominous reasons. firstly, they were thought of as ideal candidates thanks to their clear minds and lack of impressions or expertise. The US Government wished to understand if time travel had any aspect effects on younger bodies and minds.

The adult volunteers typically became insane after many journeys, however, luckily kids had a unique brain constitution that would defend them throughout such a trip.

Another use for quantum technology was found in political manipulation. in line with Dr. Basiago, future persons of interest would be notified early regarding the roles they were to play within the future.

secret time travel program of CIA

He mentioned that within the early 1970s in Albuquerque, New Mexico there was a gift at the table of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and they were informed regarding their future presidencies.

Presidents Chief Executive and bill Clinton were conjointly paid visits from time travelers, and it’s reported that in 1982, President Obama had been approached when he was still a student at UCLA.

To back up this claim, there are various witness accounts from people that attended school with Obama and might attest that he would usually come back from parties then claim that he would be the long-term President of the US.

Basiago claims that in 1971 he saw pictures from the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, 2001. that they had been obtained from the longer term and brought back for analysis. this means that the US Government knew regarding 9/11 3 decades earlier.

If we are to believe the informants and people who support them, this technology is kept secret despite being funded by the overall public.

They say that folks should recognize what’s very occurring, the reality regarding house exploration, and also the presence of earthlings on other near planets. teleportation may solve transportation issues worldwide by transferring folks and products instantly.

If their theories sway be true, we’re missing out on some revolutionary insight and tremendous technological growth that has been denied to America though it exists for therefore a few years. are we actually living in an exceedingly massive, fat lie?

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