Origin Of Jinn And Spine Chilling Real Encounters

The origin of the jinn is of utmost importance in the Islamic tradition, in fact, the Koran dedicates an entire chapter to them. The story will surely surprise you.

Islamic tradition holds that Allah made angels with pure light, men with dust and water (mud), and jinns with smokeless fire.


The jinns were created (always within the Islamic tradition) two thousand years before Adam and Eve, but their race will not come to see the end of times although they can redeem themselves as humans.

Islam believes that jinns can marry and have offspring, even in medieval times, Islamic law regulated marriage, inheritance, and descent due to the union of humans and jinns. In fact, the Queen of Sheba, famous for her riches, was thought to be a jinn.

They are invisible to humans although they are able to make themselves seen, possess people, imitate their form to impersonate them (or animal forms) and are used for black and white magic.


The jinns or genies can be good or bad as Ala granted free will, they can do much harm but can also give gifts and make great favors.

Many of the jinns’ activities do not directly harm man. They often fly or become invisible, and during their flights, they often make it to the Lower Heaven, where they eavesdrop on the angels’ conversations about future events. 

The most common dwellings of the Djinns are the ruins or abandoned places, as long as they are in the desert such as the Sahara desert .

The tradition of the Djinns belongs to the Hebrew myths , who attributed to them the raw knowledge, which they could not reveal, of everything that worries and despairs human beings.

I hope you liked this explanation of one of the most important figures in the Arab tradition. Have you noticed that these figures are really related in various religions or stories from different cultures? 

Whenever we hear the word “jinn”, either it really pumps us or scares the hell out of us.

Here are some real spooky tales of jinns which happened around the world:
1) The staircase encounter
A jinn happens to live in the staircase of my house and we are literally able to hear his heavy breathing sometimes. All the family members and people who visit us are directed to greet him with a ‘Salaam’ or else something bad happens to the person, they either fall from the stairs or get physically hurt in one way or another. Scary isn’t it?

2) The helpless Bride
A young bride and her groom were headed home after their wedding. The car was involved in an accident and both of them passed away. The bride is sometimes seen walking on the road by those driving by. A lot of people believe she is still there looking for someone to help her and is reliving the accident.

3) The religious jinn
Once a Man visited to a mosque to offer his prayers, he suddenly felt a presence of someone sitting beside him. He didn’t may much attention, did his offering and came outside to see only a single pair of slippers on the gate. He ran inside the mosque and found no one there.

4) The possessed Girl

This incident took place while a religious ceremony was being held at my grandmother’s place. I was passing through the hallway when I heard a girl babbling in a male voice all alone sitting in the dark. As she saw me, she ran past me swiftly (the speed she was running at wasn’t natural). 3-4 men altogether weren’t able to hold her still at a place, as she was trying to jump so high which was humanly impossible.

5) The evil laughter
My mother was at her parent’s place while praying she heard someone laughing at her from the doorway. After she finished praying, she went to her mom’s room and asked, “Why were you laughing at me earlier?”. My Grandmother replied she had been sleeping for a few hours. My mom concluded it was a jinn trying to distract her from her prayers. In the same house, you could hear footsteps walking throughout the house and might feel someone sit on the bed while you’re sleeping.

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