“Ars Notoria” A Book that teaches superhuman abilities

Innumerable ancient books have been written in the past promising superhuman abilities to those who receive their knowledge through reading. People in the past firmly believed that the ancient scriptures offered magical powers and ways of altering the consciousness of those who read it.(ARS NOTORIA)


Researchers have recently discovered a mysterious book dating back to the 13th century while some parts were written during the 12th century. This famous book is called “Solomon’s Minor Key”, and there is also an ancient text inside it called the “Ars Notorious “.

While there were numerous ancient texts that promised otherworldly powers to people in the past, this was different since it focused specifically on prayers, meditations, and other oral exercises, unlike other books that focused exclusively on spells, potions And rituals. The earliest writings of the so-called “Minor Key of Solomon” offer those who read and understand them a “silver tongue,” perfect memory and unimaginable wisdom.

ARS NOTORIAThe original texts were created in three different styles, including Hebrew, Greek and Latin. It is said that King Solomon himself used the original writings of “Ars Notoria” to become a wise, compassionate and talented ruler on Earth. Within these ancient texts, there is a communication trick that many readers will find more than fascinating:

Known as the ‘magnetic experiment’, it details how to accurately use the cornerstone and needles to communicate over long distances. It is believed that if the two needles were rubbed against the cornerstone precisely, the needles would become “entangled” beyond the space between them. Therefore, if one needle moves, so would the other needle.

In addition, if one placed the needles in the center of a circle of letters and images, two people could communicate over great distances by spelling words. The ancient text contains many ideas and notions that are considered to be well ahead of its time.

Several sciences are known to avoid many parts that they can not understand or explain, is it possible that this is one of them? In the distant past, not many people could read or interpret the (sacred) ancient scriptures, and because of this they could have inherently classified some texts as mysterious and powerful.

Today people discredit anything that science can not prove, although some of the larger scientists like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein knew that there was something else; Something beyond observable and verifiable reality. Perhaps between these two, the ignorance of the past and the rigidity of today, there is a new and strange hidden world. What do you think? Leave us your comment

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