Stanford Professor Garry Nolan Stated “People Abducted By Aliens Share Common Symptoms”

Professor Garry Nolan asserted that he checked the brains of people who claimed to have encountered UFOs and found common symptoms there. Dr. Harry Nolan , a professor of pathology at Stanford University with more than 300 scientific articles and 40 US patents, has spent the past decade analyzing material on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), as UFOs are now increasingly referred to.

According to Nolan, he was always fond of science fiction, but his interest in the UFO topic disappeared after the notorious ufologist Stephen Greer showed him a small skeleton of an alleged alien found in the Atacama Desert.

After sequencing the genome of these remains, Nolan and others determined that the skeleton was “completely human”, and its unusual structure is probably due to genetic mutations. An article about this study was published in 2018.

Later, however, Nolan’s interest in aliens and UFOs was renewed because he was asked to take part in a survey of pilots who observed UFOs and who had some kind of brain damage described as “terrible.”

And when Nolan examined the brains of these people using an MRI, he found something very interesting:

“If you’ve ever looked at an MRI scan of a person with multiple sclerosis, you can see what is called white matter disease. It’s scarring. It looks like a big white blob on the scans, or a few white blobs scattered throughout the MRI. it is dead tissue in which the brain’s own immune system attacked.”

Garry Nolan

“This is probably the closest comparison to what you would see on an MRI of these people. You immediately notice that something is wrong with them.”

Garry Nolan

In total, about 100 patients were examined, Nolan said, mostly from the Defense Department, the government, or people working in the aerospace industry.

According to Nolan, studying these people he would call a real buffet of patients.

“This is a whole buffet of patients, some of whom heard strange buzzing sounds in their heads and said that they were sick. – they got sick because of them. “

Ultimately, Nolan and his team figured out that people who they initially believed had brain damage had “an excessive connection of neurons between the head of the caudate nucleus and the putamen.”

The caudate nucleus is a paired structure of the brain located in front of the thalamus. The putamen or shell is the basal nucleus located at the base of the forebrain.

The number of people who had this “overconnection” in their brains led to an open question: “Was it caused by contact with something that caused it or not?”

Garry Nolan also said that about a quarter of the MRI patients who said they had an appointment with the UAP died from their injuries (!). Most of them also had symptoms identical to Havana syndrome, but some of the people who saw UAP did not have Havana syndrome, but instead had a wide range of other symptoms.

People with Havana Syndrome usually report persistent headaches, dizziness, and inability to concentrate. The US authorities and experts suggest that the reason may be in the effect on people of certain radio waves, the nature of which is still unknown to Western intelligence services.

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