Several people see a flying humanoid over California

A very strange phenomenon that has been happening for decades in many places around the world is that of flying humanoids. We are not talking about creatures like bats or winged anomalies, but exactly about human figures flying, apparently without means to do so and without fear of being seen. It seems ridiculous, but there have been many sightings of flying people, witnessed by many. And a place where flying humanoids seem to appear quite often is Mexico.(flying humanoid)

This phenomenon goes back to the year 2000, when a person named Salvador Guerrero saw something really strange in Mexico City in March of that year. While watching the dark sky, he was struck by something strange that floated nearby, which did not seem to be a bird, a plane or a UFO, so he decided to record it on video. In the images it was clear that the strange presence had no wings, no parachutes, no obvious means of propulsion that would allow him to remain in heaven. From then on, all kinds of similar sightings began to appear, both in the skies of Mexico and in other parts of the world. And this takes us directly to California, where several people saw a humanoid figure floating in the sky.

New sighting of a flying man

The mysterious video was recorded by a man named Pablo Morales in the city of Burbank, California , during a cloudy night earlier this month. Subsequently, Morales published it on YouTube, where it was shared by various channels for the spectacular nature of its images.

In the video, you can see a dark presence similar to a person moving through the sky while Morales and his family watch in amazement. At one point, the baffled witness asks if it can be “Jesus Christ” . The supposed flying humanoid floats behind a tree and then apparently begins to descend to the ground.(flying humanoid)

Morales reflects during the video that perhaps the anomaly is not more than a balloon. However, after the encounter, he went to the place where he supposedly landed and discovered that there were no balloons or garbage or anything that could look like it . This caused many users to offer their own explanations, such as that it could be a fallen angel .

Others said that this case is very similar to the one recorded by journalist Anthony Choy in 2015 about Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Choy witnessed a mysterious flying humanoid, with distinguishable head, arms, legs, as well as a trunk. The sighting lasted about 5 minutes before disappearing into the clouds.

There is also the possibility that the flying humanoid of California is the Mothman (man-moth), and that it is a harbinger of doom or a warning about a future catastrophe in California. However, skeptics undoubtedly say that both the sighting of Morales and previous cases of “flying humanoids” are simply helium balloons.

flying humanoid california - Several people see a flying humanoid over California

The truth is that the video does not make it clear if it could be a balloon, a UFO, or a supernatural presence. But what is clear is that the sightings of flying entities continue, and nobody is really sure that they could really be. The rational explanation is that they are deceits or mistaken identifications of balloons or some aerial phenomenon, but this does not explain all the cases, not to mention that some have been seen by reliable witnesses, such as policemen and pilots.

Bearing in mind that the nature of these phenomena are basically flying humanoids, they do not seem to be part of cryptozoology , since they are unlikely to be undiscovered species or creatures. The theories embrace all kinds of possibilities, which are extraterrestrials, witches, sorcerers, interdimensional beings or some kind of advanced technology, but we do not know.

What do you think of this new encounter with a flying humanoid? Is it a balloon? A strange creature or maybe an extraterrestrial being?

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