Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth as soon as possible

Over the past century, humanity has made great strides in terms of innovation. We have learned to fly (at least with the help of planes), we have built huge machines, some diseases have been eradicated, and computers, the Internet and intelligent devices have been developed. At the same time, we have caused our fair share of destruction in the form of several wars, two of which have been global, and we have also caused climate change. Now renowned physicist Stephen Hawking believes that there are less than 100 years left for the end of time, so we must leave Earth as soon as possible.(Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth)

However, this is not the first time that Hawking has given a prediction about the end of the world. In recent years, he has been warning about how artificial super  intelligence could put an end to humanity and how to get in touch with extraterrestrial life could be really catastrophic for humanity. Then, in November of last year, Professor Hawking was wiser with his estimates. He warned that humans could not survive another 1,000 years on our “fragile” planet.

But now, the renowned physicist says we have less than 100 years left. And many of you will think that it has happened in the last six months on Earth so that Hawking dramatically changes its prediction in 900 years with a single blow.

As the details of the final warning of the end of Hawking’s time will be presented in a new BBC documentary on June 15 called “Expedition New Earth” , where it is suggested that humanity has to be a species Of planetary colonizers within the next century in order to survive.(Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth)

Our days are numbered

Hawking explains that humanity’s days on Earth are already numbered due to climate change, asteroid impact, epidemics, and overpopulation. The only way to survive? We have to change planet, and fast. Many things can happen in 100 years, and we have shown that we are able to discover and develop many things within a century. But will we be able to colonize other planets in that period of time?(Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth)

Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth


PayPal co-founder Tesla Motors, SpaceX Elon Musk believes so, and has already prepared plans for this to happen. And what is the destiny of humanity? Mars. Musk intends to reach Mars in 2025  and set up a colony for 2033, which is curiously within the Hawking timeline. However, getting to Mars and creating a stable habitat could take a couple of decades. Fortunately, there are other people working on it, NASA already has a program to get to Mars, and China is also working on its own mission to the Red Planet.

Hawking’s vision of space travel

In his book, “How to Make a Spaceship , ” the physicist warned that our planet is becoming a dangerous place because of threats from wars or disease. The book, written by journalist Julian Guthrie, contains an epilogue by the well-known physicist. In an extract published in The Guardian , Professor Hawking describes his views on the future of space travel.

“I think life on Earth is at increasing risk of disappearing because of a disaster, such as a sudden nuclear war, a genetically modified virus, or other dangers. I think the human race has no future if it does not go into space. “

Stephen Hawking warns that we must leave Earth



The elite are already prepared

However, conspiracy theorists believe that colonies on other planets are already prepared , especially on Mars. Apparently, the elite would already have a prepared evacuation plan in case a major disaster destroys part of our fragile planet and the life in it. It is for this reason that the population can do little with Hawking’s warning, only to see how the most powerful survive to the end of time. We have seats in the front row.

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