Cave of the Tayos: Constructions of an Ignored Civilization in the bowels of the Earth?

This enigmatic cave located in Ecuador, constitutes a real enigma since, if the hypotheses that are discussed about it are true, they would force us not only to rewrite some lines of history, but to make a clear blur and new account.(Cave of the Tayos)

Cave of the Tayos

To begin with, we must say that this cave has imitators everywhere: there are dozens of caves that you can easily enter and on which the guides will tell you that you are in the authentic Cave of the Tayos. However, the true cave is inaccessible for normal visitors … To get there it takes several days to walk through the forest, you have to make use of rusty zip lines, ride on mules that will take you through inaccessible roads or, if You can hire a private plane to avoid such obstacles.

Cave of the TayosOnce in the cave, one is forced to make a first descent of 80 meters, followed by another of 20. In total 100 meters, which are equivalent to descending the height of a building of 30 floors. In addition, it would be necessary to count on the help of the tribe of the Shuar (also known as jíbaros), who are not very friendly with the investigators, since they understand that this patrimony belongs to them and that people are enriched with it, at their expense .

According to Spanish researcher Juan Jose Revenga, this cave was used as a refuge during the well-known glaciation of Wisconsin occurred between 48,000 and 12,000 years ago. Which forces us to accept that it was inhabited by a culture long before Egypt or Mesopotamia. In that case, the arrival of Homo Sapiens to the American continent through the Bering Strait would also have to be modified. Since, officially, the first “paleoamericanos” entered the continent during the last glaciation, which would have allowed the passage to the New World through that strait. A migration that would have occurred between 14,000 and 13,000 years ago.(Cave of the Tayos)

Cave of the TayosAll of the above compels us to consider whether there was another parallel evolution in America similar to that which occurred in Africa. But the main objection to this hypothesis is that in America there were no great apes that evolved to give place to the human being, which makes the unknowns multiply.
Neil Amstrong

Astronaut Neil Amstrong, after returning from the moon, the first thing he did was to visit the cave. What motivated you to mobilize so many people?

This expedition was developed in 1976 and included important figures of the archeology and investigation of that time, participating in it even the Ecuadorian Army. The experts and adventurers, who totaled a team of 120 people, carried out a detailed exploration of the cave that lasted, approximately, a week. British researchers extracted 4 large, sealed wooden crates without showing their content to the Shuar tribe, ending this episode (according to Spanish researcher JJ Revenga reports) shot between the natives and the English expedition.

Cave of the TayosSalesian priest Carlos Crespi Croci became acquainted with the Cave of the Tayos from the 1920s, due to the production of a documentary about the Shuar in 1927. The members of this native culture gave him a series of pieces in thanksgiving and these were Kept in the Private Museum of Carlos Crespi Croci of Cuenca, Ecuador.

Of these objects only some photographs and videos remain, since most of them were sold and others stolen when a fire broke out in 1962, possibly intended to steal all the pieces, according to JJ Revenga … Nothing appeared, not even fragments Of ceramics, that would have perfectly resisted the fire. Through the museum a lot of money was made to build new churches and to help the inhabitants of the area. But after the priest’s death in 1982, these objects disappeared from the Salesian convent in Cuenca.

Cave of the TayosTo finish, we collect the statements of an expert in the matter, the architect and historian Melvin Hoyos, Director of Culture and Civic Promotion in the Municipality of Guayaquil:

“To begin with, I think that the cave of the Tayos is not a cave, it is a work of the hand of man, there is nothing in nature that can resemble the Cave of the Tayos. It has the ceiling cut completely flat with angle of 90 degrees with the wall. It is very similar to other tunnels of similar characteristics and similar age in other parts of the world, which leads us to think that before the Wisconsin glaciation there was a network of tunnels on the planet, but to accept this is to accept existence, before said Glaciation, of a highly developed civilization. ”

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  1. This just adds to my wonder of the past. Anomilies, such as this, drive me to learn more, to speculate more and to hope for more histories of both this Earth’s and Mankind’s true histories.

  2. We have ignored not only this site, but the 119 sites discovered in USA alone in the last 20 years……. 12,272 sites located in south of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador…… 22 sites in Colombia……47 sites in Ecuador…..11 sites in Venezuela; 17 sites in Peru and Bolivia….27 sites in chile and Argentina…..23 sites in brazil….. Etc…etc…. Unfortunate in north America universities, GOVERMENT officials; museums and other are dominated and manipulated by GROUP OF FANATIC RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION and preventing investigation on those sites……and government ogencies are manipulated by other elite groups that don’t want that knowledge to be reach by public…..

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