The Alien Abduction Of Julio Platner: Blood Taken, Alien Implant, And Repeated Abductions

In recent days, A lot of alien abduction cases are coming up and one such interesting case happened with a man named Julio Platner in Argentina.

Julio Platner worked in a house selling seeds, fodder, and agricultural implements in the rural town of Winifreda —which did not even have 3,000 inhabitants in those days—.

He never imagined that the events of the evening of August 9, 1983, would change his life in such a way that he became the front page of the national and international media. His name became popular throughout the province and, beyond the sensational treatment that some media gave to his case, an entire population defended his case, because no one doubted the account of his experience and his manhood well.

The Alien Abduction Of Julio Platner

The case began in a rural establishment 12 km north of the town of Winifreda, where Julio had come to check seeds for the purchase of the company he worked for. Needless to say, he was knowledgeable about the area in all its geographical details.

It was approximately 7:15 p.m. when Julio was preparing to leave Antonio Fisher’s establishment when both noticed that the animals and poultry “were very nervous.” They said goodbye and Fisher asked him not to forget to close the gate well.

Julio Platner

When I got down to open the gate, it was as if someone had put a reflector on my face, like from an autogenous or electric welder that fires many rays and at a certain distance you have to cover your eyes, I just saw that after that I don’t remember anything else,” he said.

Once he regained consciousness, he was “inside a room” that brought back the memory of an “operating room.” The walls were not smooth or even, they seemed to be upholstered, a color similar to light beige. he observed what seemed to be a display case, with a similar color to that of the walls, opaque like the rest of the room, where no brightness stood out. However, it was illuminated by a very clear white light that did not bother the eye and the source was not distinguishable from where it came from and it did not produce shadows either.

The Alien Beings And Their Control Room

“It was a spherical room,” Julio defined in his story, emphasizing that in that place he felt “terrible tranquility, it was something to stay a lifetime.” In addition, he noticed that he had neither his coat nor his watch, and his shirt was rolled up.

He remained seated in an armchair “as if he were in a dentist chair.”  He felt as if he was “was suspended in the air, without any support.”

The Alien Abduction Of Julio Platner
Depiction Of The Alien Beings And Control Room By Julio Platner

Around him, he noticed the presence of four beings, three men and one woman, whose height ranged from 1.60 m., of anthropomorphic conformation, of athletic bodies. He couldn’t tell if they were wearing a jumpsuit that was very tight to the body or if it was the skin of beings, a color similar to that of the room. He distinguished their lips but could not confirm if they were part of the face or the bodysuit, from which a shoe, similar to boots, stood out.

The detail that most impressed him on their faces were their eyes, which conveyed a sense of tranquility. He described them as “protruding, opaque, large, and protruding from the face, without eyelids.” He then added that “their ears were well attached to the skull, hands had five fingers” and the feminine being was characterized by her body shape and for being thinner than the masculine beings. None of the beings had any visible hair.

Telepathy By The Alien Beings

Julio wanted to speak and realized that he couldn’t, but he automatically had an answer without hearing voices. He perceived it as a thought in the form of words that told him to stay calm, that there were thousands of cases like his, that if he wanted he could tell about it, some would believe him and others would not. They gave him a feeling of total tranquility.

The woman approached him with smooth movements, “it gave the sensation that she was sliding on the floor” and placed her right hand on top of his left. Meanwhile, the being standing to his right placed his hand on his shoulder.

The Alien Beings Began To Draw His Blood

Suddenly, he observed a tube in the hands of the being on the left —half rigid and half flexible—transparent, about 20 cm long. This was placed on the wrist of Julio’s left hand, who did not perceive pain or friction. Despite noticing the contact, the witness assures that he did not feel anything —that is, he was touched by this tube but did not feel any pressure.

Subsequently, the thinnest part of the tube touched the inner part of his elbow and in this case, Julio observed the extraction of blood that ascended towards the rigid part of the device.

He tried to touch the being on the right who had one of his hands on his shoulder but he bumped into something, the same as when he tried to get up. “It was like he was bumping into something invisible,” he said.

The Return Of Julio Platner

After the extraction, he got up without problems and noticed that he was alone, standing on a soft surface, which gave him the sensation of floating, and when he tried to walk, he noticed that he was inside his truck, with his hands on the steering wheel. Surprised he began to look to try to locate himself and started the engine.

Knowing the area, he realized that he was almost 20 km from the initial place of the strange event – ​​on Route 11 that connects Route 35 with Villa Mirasol. The van remained facing west-east.

The Alien Abduction Of Julio Platner

On the way back, his mind remembered the experience very calmly and he stopped at the access to Fisher’s establishment and verified that the gate remained open. He closed it and took the opportunity to look at his left arm where he had marks that might accompany him for the rest of his life.

At approximately 8:25 p.m. he arrived at work but did not say anything. However, upon arriving home and seeing his children, he decided to narrate what had happened to his wife. That night it was impossible for him to sleep because he remembered everything that had happened and he felt burning in the marks on his arm.

The Alien Abduction Of Julio Platner

The next day, to clear up his doubts, he returned to the scene of the episode and checked the tracks of his truck whose journey was interrupted 1.5 m away. from the gate, with no exit sign, as well as the turn-on route 11, the dirt road where he appeared.

Research and implant

The day after the case, a writer contacted Julio at his work. For this, I had the support not only of the company but also of his family and Dr. Pizarro, who carried out the first review and agreed to address the case openly. From the beginning he admitted that it was something “unconventional” – the marks on the arm corresponded to a blood extraction, but without a puncture, only absorption.

The passage of time allowed the Ufologist to forge a certain friendship and trust and after a few years he confessed to him that he had “an implant” discovered by a doctor who ordered a spinal X-ray. The small-sized implant remained lodged without an admission scar in the middle of his spine. Julio refused to have it removed because he said it did not cause any abnormality and he was afraid of undergoing an operation.

After 10 years, the implant was removed by the same beings that placed it. According to the journalist Julio had more encounters and that most of them were preceded by a strange “buzz” probably emitted by that implant.

At the age of 67, on September 20, 2017, Julio departed (from this world) in search of more answers and remained an icon of regional, national and international UFOlogy, because so many qualities are rarely concentrated in a witness.

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