The Claims Of Bob Lazar About Area 51- Real Or Hoax (1)

The Claims Of Bob Lazar About Area 51- Real Or Hoax?

In 1989, a thirty-year old scientist named Bob Lazar, or Robert Scott Lazar, in an interview with reporter George Knapp for the Las Vegas-based KLAS TV station, revealed that he was employed at a secretive base called “S-4” to reverse engineer a flying saucer.

Bob Lazar
Bob Lazar

Claims Made By Bob Lazar

Bob Lazar was born on January 26th, 1959 in Coral Gables, Florida. A local reporter who interviewed Bob Lazar in 1982 revealed that Lazar claimed to be a physicist at  Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility and had a deep interest in jet-powered cars. However, later investigation into his life and job history revealed that he was a technician for some random contractor firm.

Various reputable mainstream media outlets have said that his designation as a physicist is self-proclaimed. Lazar’s claims of being a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology were also false. Both universities had no record of him and, also, considering his high school grades, scientists stated that it was impossible for a student to get an admission to MIT with such low grades.

Bob Lazar Interview With George Knapp

Bob Lazar emerged as an Area 51 conspiracy theorist after his interview with George Knapp in May 1989. He gave this interview under the name of Dennis and with his face covered. As per his claims, he was employed at “S-4,” a facility he says is near the Nellis Air Force Base installation known as “Area 51.” He said that the site was built on a mountainside with aircraft hangars and was completely hidden. The site was camouflaged in the mountains.

Bob Lazar today, sketching the flying saucer he claims to have worked on at a facility called S-4, near Area 51.
Bob Lazar today, sketching the flying saucer he claims to have worked on at a facility called S-4, near Area 51.

According to Lazar, he was employed there to help them reverse engineer one of the nine alien UFOs. He says one of the UFOs, which he calls the “Sport Model,” was made from a metal that looks and feels like liquid titanium. In November, he was again interviewed by George Knapp, but this time he revealed his identity. In this interview, he made some astonishing claims.

He said that the job interview for work at the facility was with contractor EG&G and his employer was the United States Navy. His purported employment with Nellis Air Force Base was debunked by both skeptics and the United States Air Force, while EG&G stated that it did not have any files on him. As per Lazar, the alleged vehicle that he was given to re-engineer was powered by an antimatter reactor that was fueled by the chemical element with atomic number 115 (E115).

This element was then provisionally designated Ununpentium but had not yet been intentionally created. It was made for the first time in 2003 and was later given the name Moscovium. He further stated that the propulsion system of the UFO was dependent on a stable isotope of E115. This isotope was used in the UFO to make gravity waves that helped the UFO fly and get out of sight by bending the light around it.

The production of stable isotopes of Moscovium has not yet been achieved. All of them are exceedingly radioactive and decay in a matter of milliseconds. Lazar said that there were two main levels to the UFO. According to Lazar, the UFO had been disassembled, and the reactor he examined had a sphere or semi-sphere on top that radiated a force field that could repel human flesh.

There was an antenna on the UFO that went all the way to the top, and the antenna was surrounded by three “gravity amplifiers.” These were linked to “gravity emitters” on the lower level, which could rotate 180 degrees to produce a “gravity beam or anti-gravity wave,” and the vehicle would then travel “belly first” into this distortion field. The reactor was in the middle of the upper level.

Lazar also claimed that there he read classified documents that stated that Earth has had a long history with grey aliens since 10,000 years ago, and that these grey aliens belonged to a planet that orbits the twin binary star system Zeta Reticuli.

A close up of Lazar's saucer sketch.
A close up of Lazar’s saucer sketch.

In 1989, Lazar claimed that the extraterrestrial bodies he saw were roughly the same size as children, and that the saucer chairs he saw were also about that size. Bob Lazar made another claim that while walking through a hallway of S-4, he looked through the window and noticed two scientists facing down and looking towards a creature that had long arms and was probably an alien.

Bob Lazar Criminal Convictions

Bob Lazar was charged and arrested in 1990 for his involvement in prostitution. Later, the charge was changed, and he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of criminal pandering. As a punishment, he was sentenced to 150 hours of community service, a ban on visiting brothels, and was also ordered to undergo psychotherapy sessions.

Again, along with his wife, Joy White, he was charged with breaking the Federal Hazardous Substances Act in 2006. It was reported that they were transporting hazardous materials across state lines. As per Lazar, the FBI and local police raided Bob Lazar’s office in 2017 in an attempt to recover “element 115,” a material that Lazar stole from a government lab.

However, Freedom of Information Act documents reveal the raid was related to a murder probe into whether or not his company sold thallium to a Michigan murder suspect. The documents also revealed that Lazar was not one of the suspects in the probe.


Due to the fact that he was unable to provide any evidence to support his statements, the scientists did not take him seriously and his claims were dismissed as baseless. Due to ” his history of criminal activity, his character was also called into doubt. In addition, scientists did not take his assertions seriously due to the fact that what he said about his schooling was untrue, and none of the educational institutions from which he claimed to have graduated kept any records of him.

Area 51
Area 51

Nevertheless, since his interview in 1989, Bob Lazar has remained steadfast in his claims, and there are a small number of journalists and experts that believe him. Lazar alleges that the documentation relating to his career and education has been erased.

Many individuals have, in recent times, shown their support for Bob Lazar and claimed that they believe the government is attempting to smear him in order to further their own agendas. In addition to this, a number of students from MIT and CIT have stated that Bob Lazar was in their class together.

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  1. So you are the only brave soul to comment lol
    I believe Mr Lazar
    Turns out we’re not the only ones that do.
    It’s really ignorant for authorities to assume their denials of the truth would be believed indefinitely
    Sure national security is a necessity
    At the cost of everything, no
    Putting agendas over our freedoms is a hard slap in the face, to me
    I believe part of our freedoms is being told the truth by our government
    Unfortunately our interests aren’t a concern to the representatives who are supposed to be working for you and me
    Just smile and wave right
    Omitting truths is still lying
    I’m a veteran and I am not convinced anything we are told is true
    Have truths and denials are indicative of communism and dictatorship
    At this point I’m not fearful of alien life however I am speculating our problems are coming from a source much closer to home
    Our people here aren’t perfect
    We might have flaws and scars but my fellow Americans are patriotic and proud of our Country’s freedoms and rights
    People need to wake up and stop watching the narrative news
    Stop being sheeple think for yourself
    It’s really much much worse than I want to believe
    Shutting our eyes isn’t going to make this go away
    May God help us all
    Oh yeah that’s true can’t even pray for strength in public or school
    That’s one of my rights I have missed more than once, religious freedom
    Constitution we do remember that I hope
    I’m just going on a rant nowhere else to do that either
    Sorry 😐 this comment has developed over time beyond area 51 and conspiracy theories
    Started before my birth and still developing
    I’m just thankful I am a child of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Only comfort that comes to mind
    Good luck everyone

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