The Colorado River UFO incident: Wreckage Recovered by government

The Colorado River UFO incident is one of the most surprising sightings in history, which included several military vehicles and agents of the United States government.

Colorado River UFO incident

On May 14, 2008, a strange UFO lit up the night sky near Needles, California, causing a huge crash when it crashed on the banks of the Colorado River.

Several people witnessed this event, but few dared to speak; one of them was a fisherman who lived in a floating house that did not want to give his name, fearing retaliation.

For this reason he was known as ” Bob, the one with the river ” or ” Bob, the one with the house in the boat “. Among his statements was confirmed the din that caused when it crashed.

However, what he and other witnesses saw after the incident caught the attention of all alternative ufologists and investigators.

THE Colorado River UFO that was recovered by the government

“River Bob” stated that in less than half an hour, the place was filled with several helicopters and military vehicles , including one that had a large mechanical crane .

Another witness who sighted the military vehicles was LAX Chief Airport Security Officer Frank Costigan, who worked for 7 years at the scene.

Costigan stated that he got up at around 3 in the morning to take his cat out to the garden when he witnessed the event.

He said the UFO flew from the northwest in a southwest direction at impressive speed . 
However, from one moment to the next it slowed down to accelerate again.

David Hayes, owner of local KTOX radio, was another witness; He told the media that he was on his way to the station when he noticed a huge line of black vehicles pulling off the road.

Colorado River UFO incident

Inside were men who looked military but who nonetheless did not wear uniforms . 
Hayes stated that later, one of those vehicles followed him to the station, as if he was monitoring the entire surroundings.

What happened in the whole area of the Colorado River UFO incident?

To make the event more surprising and strange, Costigan stated that the next day, a friend who lived near Needles Airport contacted him to tell him how the area had been “invaded” by JANET planes.

These types of aircraft are responsible for transporting people to and from military locations, including Area 51 .

Unfortunately, no one was able to confirm this information since all the airport staff were “replaced ” the next day.

The average MysteryWire contacted several law enforcement agencies and aviation for several weeks to try to get information about what happened, but no one said a word about a ufo on May 14 .

The only thing that could be confirmed was the presence of several military planes and helicopters during the early hours of that day, flying over the area. 
But the strange thing is that these were related to a US military base in Europe.

Undoubtedly, an incident that more than answers, casts doubt and today, nothing has been clarified despite the fact that many experts continue their investigation.
What crashed and why did the government appear in a matter of minutes? ?

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