Mothman Encounter: a woman’s life Turned Into Hell After The Encounter

 In 2017, A woman first saw a strange winged creature(Mothman Encounter) above her house, she started having problems in her personal life, three cars broke down, she lost her job, began to quarrel with guests, and water pipes burst.

Many believe that after observing an unusual winged humanoid creature called the Moth Man, various misfortunes can occur. 

He was allegedly seen over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant shortly before the explosion, and before that in the city of Point Pleasant, before the bridge collapsed and dozens of people died. 

But is it possible that even a single encounter with such a creature threatens the witness with a black streak in life? Maybe it’s just excessive suspiciousness, or is this creature really able to influence such things?

This story was sent to anomalous researcher Lon Strickler on October 11, 2020. A woman living in Little Rock, Arkansas, saw flying humanoids several times and every time after that, various bad things happened in her life.

“For many years, I loved going out at night and just walking, looking at the starry sky. I love such walks and I find the night sky very beautiful and mysterious. 

In 2017, I went outside as usual after dark. It was about 22.00. I looked south over my house and could not believe what I saw: a large winged creature was sitting on the roof of my house. 

Then it spread its wings and flew in my direction, and I froze in place with fear and could not move! Its wings were so wide that they covered my entire house from me. It flew towards me but suddenly disappeared.

mothman encounter

I stood and thought “What was that ?!” and then decided that it was some kind of accident. But then I saw this strange creature more than once when I went out into the street at dusk. And there was also something black, but very small, about the size of a bird, and it rushed past me at a very high speed.

On the evening of October 10, 2020, I was sitting in my car near the Wendis diner in our own Little Rock. I made an order and then stood in line of cars to receive it at the pickup window. Then I heard a noise nearby, and when I looked out the window, I saw something dark and winged flying right over my car.

I sat and wondered if anyone else had seen it besides me, but I did not dare to go outside. And I was very worried, because every time I saw this creature near my house, various bad things happened in my life: A series of failures, problems in relationships, water pipes burst in the house, problems with a car began, the sewage system broke and the worst – I lost my job.

I was so scared that I still cannot recover. I took holy water, sprinkled it all over my yard, and then I took white sage and set it on fire outside the house, and then inside. I prayed to God for protection! I don’t need so many bad things in my way!

After this monster flew over my car, my engine trouble icon lit up! Please help me, I am insanely scared! “

Lon Strickler contacted this woman through the indicated contacts and after she sent him another letter with a more detailed description of what she saw:

“I didn’t see his face, I saw only huge wings and he was wearing something like a black coat. As for that tiny creature, it looked like a big dragonfly. It appeared right after sunset and flew near the porch on which I usually sit in. I only saw him for a couple of seconds.

I didn’t tell anyone about this and didn’t search on Google about such creatures until the last time. I have really experienced all sorts of bad things since I first saw this. Including three of my cars broke down.

When guests came to my house, we began to quarrel. And the guests themselves began to behave strangely, as if they were suddenly ill. This happened when they were inside or near the house. 

I was very tired of all this, I burned sage, sprinkled holy water prayed, and asked “Get out! Go away!” Until the last incident, I had not seen these creatures for about 9 months, and during this time I felt better, the situation began to improve, the cars were repaired, everything that broke in the house was repaired. And so I saw him again when I was near the “Wendys” …

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  1. Please don’t feel you are going crazy or no one will you believe you. I have never seen anything like you have described but I know a close friend that has.. Once about 5 years ago I was sitting with 2 other couples and talking about our summer holidays. One friend then told us that her trip was one of hell. She never told the story as she felt no one will believe such things . We pushed her to tell us what happened. She said that she was on a country trip in Ontario and slept at a Bed and Breakfast in Ontario. I can’t remember why she was in the barn but as she came out a large black winged humanoid flew close to her. She was in shock and cudnt move . She actually questioned herself as to what she thought she saw. This was the first time she had told anyone about the incident. I then google the famous ” New Jersey Devil” and showed her the picture to see if was similar. She then screamed and started to shake. It was him exactly. I believe that with different names for this entity in all states and provinces , it is the same monster. I believe the bad things you see are not directly attached to him but rather your psychic abilities have been released through your trauma and you see random events before them happen. If you google all siting over the last 2 centuries you will see that you are not alone..cheers

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