High-speed UFOs

The Mysterious High-Speed UFOs Barely Visible To The Human Eye

The so-called highspeed UFOs (UFO Fastwalker) can often be seen on video only during frame-by-frame viewing, and the human eye perceives them as something very quickly flashed by.

It is believed that they can move at speeds up to 22 thousand miles per hour and that they very often fly among us, we just aren’t able to notice them.

For the first time this phenomenon began to be considered by ufologists in 1984, when NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) detected an unidentified object in Earth orbit, which was moving at an incredible speed of 22,000 miles per hour and rapidly approaching the earth.

It happened in the month of May, when a high-speed UFO was spotted by ultra-sensitive orbiting military satellites USDSP (classified satellites that serve as early detection systems for the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles). The UFO flew less than 20 miles from the USDSP satellite, officials determined it was clearly not a ballistic missile or a meteor. 

After that, the object was classified as “unknown” and then it was given the code name “Fast” (“Fast Walker”).

NORAD data showed that this unidentified object was a hot, fast and solid object that quickly flew from space, quickly approached Earth, and then flew back into space as well.

The event was planned to be kept secret, but the official representative (retired military) decided to transfer the details of the incident to the investigator (special agent Joe Steful) along with the flight diagram of the facility. 

“I was unable to determine if this document is absolutely authentic, but I was able to confirm that the DSP printout for this date shows an event at the same time with the same characteristics.

What makes this particular high-speed object so special is that it came from space in a curved trajectory, traveled within three kilometers of the satellite platform, and then disappeared back into space. Be that as it may, they tracked it for nine whole minutes, “Stefula said.

The 1984 event clearly alarmed government officials – this observation led to a 300-page internal report that basically looked at all possibilities and could not explain whether the unidentified object was natural or man-made:

“Where it appeared in the sensor (satellite) field indicated that the object entered the sensor field from space, passed in front of the sensor and left, going back into deep space. This would indicate that it was some kind of type of ship capable of maneuvering. 

And you have strong evidence of this. You have telemetry from this satellite, you have information, you have systems, you have data that you can study and check. In the past, as a rule, UFO events were based only on eyewitness testimony. 

Here is a very sensitive defense system that sends you information to the ground. I don’t even know if you can solve this problem … maybe this is one of those mysteries that will stay with us forever. What type of ship can have this ability? Some people can only say that it is a UFO, “Stefula said.

In 1993, after news of a high-speed UFO leaked to the press, the US Department of Defense declassified unrelated satellite information that confirmed that satellites often pick up unidentified high-speed moving objects in space that are not rockets, meteorites or asteroids.

High-Speed UFOs
One of the earliest images of a high-speed UFO in the sky

According to the official who “leaked” these documents, on average, two to three high-speed UFOs are detected every month. From its underground facility deep in Mt. Cheyenne, Colorado, USA, the NORAD Air Force facility is now reported to track an average of 500 of these high-speed UFOs annually.

Additional overwhelming evidence was presented in April 1995, when the Observatory magazine published an article by Duncan Steele (University of Adelaide, Australia), an expert on near-Earth space object hazard, describing a recently discovered high-speed UFO.

The article indicated that this object, which flew near the Earth in December 1991, was recognized as a “candidate for an alien probe.” In every sense, the object looked and moved like an artificial satellite – only it was much faster than any satellite of those times.

Are High-Speed UFOs Alien Patrol Ships?

Below is an FOIA (Federal Freedom of Information Act, which allows the full or partial disclosure of information and documents of the US government) submitted in 2013, which confirms that NORAD searches for high-speed UFOs and “slow UFOs” (“Slowwalkers”) in domestic databases of these documents gave a representative result.

However, as indicated in the response to the request, information about the high-speed UFOs is still classified and not available for public viewing.

High-speed UFOs move much faster than orbiting satellites, but much slower than asteroids from deep space. When discussed together, slower anomalous flying objects are referred to as “slow UFOs.”

A Video Showing Some Of The Most Authentic High-Speed UFO Sightings

Many ufologists and people interested in the topic of UFOs suggest that the Earth may be under the observation of highly developed alien races, the motives of which are unclear. They believe that high-speed UFOs are alien observation vehicles or something like ships or probes that conduct regular observation missions (patrols), collecting data about our planet and its inhabitants.

They assume that the governments of many countries are aware of their existence and their intentions, but prefer to hide the details of their activities from the public

There are many videos of high-speed UFO sightings. One of the last cases was noted by a special security video camera that reacts to movement and immediately sends a photo of the filmed object to the owner’s phone.

The camcorder was installed in the countryside of Mirani, Australia, and was aimed at a small one-story house. When the owner of the camera received this picture on July 31, 2021, he could hardly believe his eyes – the photo clearly showed a typical UFO “saucer” that swept over the ground right in front of the camera. 

The camera managed to take only one picture of this object, which proves how fast this UFO was. The video can be seen in the video attached above in the article.

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