The Mysterious Moth Man Was Filmed In A Cemetery

Moth Man, the red-eyed winged monster, best known to be spotted by many people throughout the year in the city of Point Pleasant.
The alleged creature is believed to be ominous and bad news.
However, all observations ceased after the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15, 1967.
The accident was horrific as forty-six people died.

Ever since then, Moth Man is believed to be the grim harbinger of major accidents with a lot of fatalities.
He was allegedly seen over the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 which claimed the lives of 31 people directly as a result of the Chernobyl accident; two died from blast effects and a further 29 firemen died as a result of acute radiation exposure in the days which followed.

Moth Man

However, similar humanoid winged creatures have repeatedly been noticed in other countries, while there have been no major accidents. 
A creature similar in description to the Moth Man has been spotted by the residents of the town of Monen Smith in the British county of Cornwall several times since the 1920s. 
The alleged creature is referred to as “Owl-Man” there. 

The Cornish monster is associated with an old church, next to which is a cemetery. 
In 1979, he was spotted by several teenage girls in the very same place, and since then nobody has seen him.

Recently, a British ghost hunter, Mark Smith went to investigate the cemetery next to the church. 
Along with his camera, he also carried an EMF meter – a special device that reacts to abnormal bursts of the electromagnetic field.

Interestingly, among the tombstones, at a quiet place, the device suddenly blinked, and when Mark began to drive the device around, a humanoid figure appeared in the distance and it seemed like that he was dressed in a long and spacious cloak and the creature had a pair of horns or antennae attacched to its head.

Moth Man

Mark noticed the figure immediately, but when he proceeded towards in the direction where the alleged creature was noticed, there was no one present at that quiet place.
Whatever it was, it disappeared very quickly. 
Mark associated the creature with the local Owl Man or the equally legendary Moth Man.

Mark stated that before the appearance of the Moth Man, his EMF meter showed an abnormal surge of the electromagnetic field, and he also heard some strange sounds in the bushes from the direction where the creature appeared, like a big bird flapping its wings. 

“Judging by the readings, this is something with powerful energy and is probably demonic and can be very dangerous. I would not advise anyone to go here alone,”

Mark Smith, Ghost Hunter

The very night, Smith tagged his partner, Chris, along with him and went to the cemetery.
Shockingly,  when Mark and Chris climbed to inspect the place where the Moth Man was filmed in the video, something scratched Chris’s hand in the dark very badly. 
It could have been a branch, but according to Mark Smith, it looked like a scratch from claws and maybe he was attacked by the very creature known as Moth Man or Owl Man. 

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