(UFO John Lennon)

The Mysterious UFO Experience that Changed the Life of John Lennon

The unknowns behind the creator of the band “The Beatles” are still news thirty-seven years after the fatal murder of the genius, John Lennon. The past month of December were seized by the forces of the order of Germany, several belongings of the composer that were robbed, between which are mysterious notebooks written of his fist and letter during the last five years of his life, in which, among other things, he explains “ufological” theories.

(UFO John Lennon)
(UFO John Lennon)

It is difficult to explain to a person who was born in the nineties or even later, what “The Beatles” meant at that time. They were compared with Jesus Christ himself. And reasons are not lacking, because they created a new time; not only at a musical level, but at an emotional, protest and moral level. It happened at a time when society was more than saturated after so many wars, a great anti-racist revolution and a “hippie” movement that stirred consciences and governments, among others, that of the United States.(UFO John Lennon)

And John Lennon, creator of the band, was the most beloved of all the components that made it up. He was a revolutionary, a staunch defender of human rights, he was also in favor of uncovering the big lie that surrounded the UFO subject. For Lennon, on August 23, 1974, around 9:00 pm, he witnessed his then sentimental partner and personal assistant May Pang, of a UFO sighting while they were on the terrace of the singer’s apartment at number 434 of the street 52 from New York.

The object could be observed by the couple for a long five minutes, and could describe in detail that they observed a kind of colored lights that blinked while the object was moving from one side of the sky to the other, until finally it approached them to a proximity of about 30 meters from the terrace where they were. The same singer assured that if he had thrown a stone at that moment, he would have reached him.

(UFO John Lennon)
(UFO John Lennon)
The mysterious sketch created by John Lennon after an extraterrestrial encounter.
(UFO John Lennon)
(UFO John Lennon)
Cover of John Lennon’s album Walls & Britges where he illustrated his UFO experience for the album cover

Lennon, who had studied arts and painted very often, drew several sketches of what he had witnessed that night with May Pang. In October of that same year, Lennon, along with record company Apple Records, released the LP “Walls & Bridges” and chose as cover a hand-painted illustration by himself, where, among other drawings by the singer, the scene he witnessed appeared of the mysterious flying saucer.

For the composer and singer, this meeting in the third phase meant a turning point in his life. He always felt very attached to this type of issues, even made the Ouija at seventeen years to contact his deceased mother. And it is not very known, but some songs of “The Beatles”, make clear winks to the UFOs. “Walls and Bridges” is Lennon’s latest album without the participation of Yoko Ono. We must remember that a year later, returns with Ono and is cloistered for five years in the apartment of the couple, located in the famous and sinister Dakota building, in Central Park in New York.

It was always known that the former president of the United States, Richard Nixon, had literally “lined up” Lennon. Well, at that time, the MK ULTRA program was in full swing. There was always the question of whether Nixon had anything to do with the death of singers like Jim Morrison or Jimmy Hendrix, and it was also suspected if the fan who killed Lennon, Mark David Chapman, who spent time in Lebanon recruited, had been trained by the terrifying US program. UU, to end the life of the singer, among others.(UFO John Lennon)

We hope that more information will be leaked one day of the secrets that await in the personal diaries of Lennon, now appearing and still in the hands of the German justice. Undoubtedly, the halo of the great genius continues to shine despite the fact that he left us almost forty years ago.

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