Dinosaur Like Fish With Bulging Eyes Caught In Norway

A fisherman took the surprise of his life when he worked in the North Sea. First, he considered returning the Dinosaur Like Fish to the water, but since it had already died he decided to taste it.

Dinosaur Like Fish
The image of the creature fresh from the water.

Oscar Lundahl is a young fishing guide in the North Sea who spends his days looking for exotic fish to photograph. He has obtained images of all kinds of strange fish, colorful and of all sizes. But a few days ago he found the great surprise of his 19 years of life while fishing on the coast of the island of Andoya, in northern Norway.

The guide was looking for halibuts, also known as butter fish, in the depths of the sea. Then he felt a strong tug of his fishing rod. He began to roll his reel and fought with the beast for more than half an hour. «I had four hooks in a line and suddenly I felt something quite big at the end of the rod. It took me about 30 minutes to roll it because it was 800 meters deep, ”he said.

When he finally managed to tire the fish, he pulled hard and approached the fish to the boat. Ready to photograph him, Oscar explained that he raised his rod up to take a look at the beast that had taken so much effort to take out. “There were two halibut on two of the hooks and I was very happy with that. But then I saw that there was something else.

Dinosaur Like Fish
Oscar Lundahl with his find.

The young fisherman was shocked to see what looked like an alien monster that emanated from the depths and hung from his hook.

The fish with frying eyes and dinosaur appearance was the most eccentric Oscar had ever seen. The specimen was actually a variant of the ratfish, whose Latin name is Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus, derived from the well-known Greek mythical monster that had the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon.

Rat fish are distant relatives of the shark and date back more than 300 million years ago. They live in deep waters and are rarely caught. Despite not representing a danger to humans since their diet consists of crustaceans and marine vegetation, their bizarre appearance is sufficient for Norwegian fishermen to have several myths about them. It is believed that their huge eyes have developed to help them see at such dark depths.

«It was quite amazing. I had never seen anything like this before. It just looked weird, a bit like a dinosaur. I didn’t know what it was, but my colleague did. Oscar and his colleagues were surprised to have found such a rare specimen and considered returning it to the water.

Oscar was fishing on the coast of Adonya Island, Norway. (Nordic Visitor)
Oscar was fishing on the coast of Adonya Island, Norway. (Nordic Visitor)


Unfortunately, due to the sudden change in pressure, the ratfish did not survive being dragged out of the water. But all was not lost. Oscar took it home and soaked it in butter.

“Despite its ugly appearance, it was really tasty,” said Oscar, who cooked the fish with his friends that night. “It’s a bit like cod, but tastier.”

Source: The Sun

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