The three UFO cases that the CIA investigated in Argentina

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States recorded images of some cases of unidentified flying objects over Bahía Blanca, Salta, and Deception Island.(UFO cases that the CIA investigated)

UFO cases that the CIA investigated

The then US President Bill Clinton decided in 1995 to declassify some files of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States (CIA); files that since 2000 were only allowed to consult in a library of College Park, in Maryland. The database was public, but it was not easy to get the information since there were barely a few computers to access millions of files. For more information, there was no way to get the information in digital files, only through photocopies and with strict security controls.

In this unfavorable context, a man, Michael Best decided to go to the National Archive every morning to print – one after another – all declassified documents. He spent liters of ink and used hundreds of reams of paper that nobody could charge him.

In 2014, Best started a campaign for thousands of U.S. citizens to collect that office and help them print, scan and upload about 13 million documents to a digital platform.

The office of consultation in the National Archive.

“The financial pressure forced the Agency to upload the files in less than six years,” the man told La Nación.

Thanks to this effort, today it is possible to consult an online collection of documents on the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Vietnam War, the presidency of Jimmy Carter and several intelligence reports on Argentina. These reports include those of unidentified flying objects, and three cases that we will summarize below are clearly highlighted.

Bahía Blanca, May 1962

«The indefinite appearance of a flying object over the city of Bahía Blanca, south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, causes several comments about the local population.

»The event happened on May 21 when a small group of people observed a strange luminous body suspended in the air for a few minutes, and that disappeared quickly.

UFO cases that the CIA investigated

The figure that appears attached to the archives was taken by Miguel Tohmé. Credit: CIA

»A local photographer was able to take two photographs of the phenomenon that has been seen in other provinces, but not as clear as there. As he said, the light continued to the Maldonado Channel, but the light changed its course and disappeared from the sky.

»The Astronomical Observatory of Córdoba has asked the public to present their evidence to determine if the phenomenon was a meteorite, an artificial satellite, or another cause».(UFO cases that the CIA investigated)

Deception Island, July 1965

«A group of red, green and yellow flying saucers has been seen flying over Deception Island for two hours through the Argentine, Chilean and British bases in Antarctica.

UFO cases that the CIA investigated

The cover of an Argentine newspaper of July 7, 1965, after the Navy’s statement informing about the sighting of a UFO in Antarctica. (Clarín file).

»The light dishes were also seen flying in fast circles from the Orkney Islands of the South».

Salta, May 1978

«A strange object has been seen by a group of personnel in the north of the province of Salta, 1700 kilometers from Buenos Aires. Many people in this part of the region declared that the object, which resembles a sun ball, fell between the mountains of the Argentine-Bolivian border, causing an explosion that shook the earth.

UFO cases that the CIA investigated

Credit: The Tribune.

»This took place on May 6. The sources in the place indicated that the area where the unidentified object fell has been declared in an emergency.(UFO cases that the CIA investigated)

Source: LN

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