UFO over Argentina

Argentina Resident Captured Clear Photos Of a UFO

On February 1, 2024, Rina Valle Juarez and her husband were driving along the highway towards the community of San Pedro de Colalao, Tucuman province, Argentina, when the woman decided to take some photographs of the surrounding area, she captured an HD photo of a UFO

While filming from the window of a moving car, Rina noticed a strange dark spot in the sky and at first, she thought it was a bird, specifically a blackbird. 

Argentina Resident Captured Clear Photos Of a UFO

But when she began to purposefully photograph this object, she concluded that it was not a bird, but rather a “flying saucer.” 

According to Rina, the UFO was visible in the sky for about three minutes, and then it disappeared somewhere. 

The woman was not particularly concerned about what happened, but later, looking at the photos she had taken, she realized that she had photographed the “flying saucer” quite clearly and in detail.

Argentina Resident Captured Clear Photos Of a UFO
Argentina Resident Captured Clear Photos Of a UFO

With magnification, you can even see that the surface of the UFO is not smooth, but with some lines. 

In an interview with journalists, Rina says that she is sure that she photographed the “ship,” although she does not directly call it an alien transport.  

She also notes that when she took the last photo of the UFO, she noticed three more “black dots” in the sky, one of which was square and two round. 

Argentine media writes that the area of ​​​​San Pedro de Colalao has long been known for the fact that UFOs are often seen there. 

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